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9 Rotisserie Chicken Recipes to Streamline Weeknight Cooking

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Rotisserie chicken is one of my sneakiest weekday cheats for getting dinner to the table quickly. I am and Juicy and juicy. What’s not to love? A whole chicken doesn’t need to be on the dinner table when the world of quick and delicious rotisserie chicken recipes really calls for whip.

I think the taste of chicken is quite different depending on the store.my favorite in austin central market—Hatch Chili is next-level goodness that falls off the bone. But no matter where you live, a good grocery store will have a decent version. Serve with grilled salad and sweet potatoes.

when you just have a bit If you’re feeling more time or a burst of culinary inspiration, try one of these nine recipes that take store-bought bird and turn it into something that tastes like you’ve been enslaved on the stove all day. please.

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9 Rotisserie Chicken Recipes to Streamline Your Weeknight Cooking

Thai chicken salad with spicy peanut dressing

Why we love it: I haven’t yet found a dish that doesn’t go well with spicy peanut sauce. The toppings for this summer-style salad are endless. Cut a fresh avocado or dice a ripe juicy mango. Whatever you choose to garnish your salad with, the color and flavor will not disappoint.

Hero Ingredients: How famous is this salad? A spicy peanut dressing. If you don’t like the heat packed into this dressing, opt for a little less sriracha.

seafood chicken cabbage tacos

Why we love it: Not only is this recipe a great way to use up a rotisserie chicken, lettuce wrap tacos are also a great way to utilize that leftover romaine that always seems to be in the fridge. To keep it fresh and flavorful, it’s topped with chili and red pepper flakes and spices like cucumber and lime.

Hero Ingredients: The hoisin sauce seasoned this chicken perfectly.

turmeric chicken soup

Why we love it: If you want to unwind with warm, cozy and healthy food, look no further than this turmeric chicken soup. We love turmeric and find all of its benefits in just about any dish.With nutrient-dense ingredients like ginger and chicken broth, this soup is perfect during cold and flu season, or when you need a little boost. (Spring allergies are real) Keep your radar on.

Hero Ingredients: Buckwheat soba is a further evolution of the standard chicken broth noodles.

Lime chicken tacos with carrots, jicama and mint

Why we love it: Chicken tacos can be a hassle, especially when you have a tight schedule. A rotisserie chicken is the perfect option to use with these delicious pinches of cilantro-lime tacos.

Hero Ingredients: Don’t miss the chipotle aioli!

Pesto Chicken Cobb Salad, Family Style

Why we love it: This family-style salad is a great way to whip together a variety of healthy ingredients in a short amount of time. Rotisserie chicken and soft-boiled eggs bring protein to this hearty salad, while fresh toppings like red onion and lemon juice add brightness.

Hero Ingredients: Pesto is the base for this simple dressing that takes this (or any) summer salad to the next level.

The Modern Proper’s Thai Chicken Pizza

Why we love it: This recipe has my heart. Thai flavors, especially those found in Pad Thai and Pad Si Ew, rank high among my favorite dishes. Pizza is right behind the dishes on that list, so what could be better than combining them both and serving them as one? increase.

Hero Ingredients: Top with dried roasted peanuts for added crunchiness.

Salsa Verde Chicken and Zucchini Enchiladas with Half Baked Harvest Mango

Why we love it: Half Baked Harvest recipe curator and author Tieghan Gerard uses baked chicken in his recipes, and this is a great opportunity to save time and maximize flavor by subscribing to rotisserie chicken. These enchiladas have a bit of a kick, and the flavor is mellowed by the addition of sweet toppings like mango and tartness like lime juice.

Hero Ingredients: Homemade or store-bought salsa verde is the key to the most delicious enchiladas.

What’s Gaby Cooking’s BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad

Why we love it: A quinoa salad is one of my favorite ways to keep a meal full without consuming unhealthy grain options. Add a touch of Southwestern flair to the bowl with toppings like corn and avocado.

Hero Ingredients: Garnish with cilantro for a pop of green goodness.

The Modern Proper White Bean Chicken Soup

Why we love it: This garlicky white kidney bean soup is the perfect end to a busy day. Cannellini beans are a great protein source to add to rotisserie chicken. Bold flavors like jalapeno and lemon juice will tantalize your taste buds.

Hero Ingredients: Do not skip the minced garlic.

This post was originally published on October 17, 2018 and has since been updated.

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