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9 Self-Guided Meditation Courses to Deepen Your Practice and Supercharge Your Spiritual Growth

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It can be difficult to prioritize peace, happiness, and spiritual growth in a culture that teaches you to prove your worth through achievement.

We are bombarded with marketing messages that “buy this, do this, dress like this” is enough to make us feel relaxed and satisfied with our lives. It’s getting difficult. . But there is a way out of this cycle of frustration, anxiety and constant striving.

Regular practice of meditation is highly recommended if you desire to connect more deeply with life and feel a greater sense of peace and acceptance.

Before I started meditating, I was always agitated, anxious, self-conscious, and trapped in my mind always finding fault with myself and everyone and everything around me.

Meditation is the closest thing I have found to a silver bullet for life. You can replace stress with calmness, confusion with clarity, ignorance with self-awareness, and bitterness with grace.

There are many things in life that you cannot control, such as your thoughts and feelings, but you can control how you interact with them. Only then can we find a piece of peace in this complex and chaotic world. Everything starts with mindfulness.

Not sure where to start or how to take your practice to the next level? Tiny Buddha sponsored Shambhala Online has you covered!

With the nine courses below, you can study from anywhere, on your own schedule, and return to the content whenever you feel refreshed or inspired. It’s also great when anxiety is running high and you need some stress relief, reminding you that just being yourself is enough.

All courses are staffed by genuine and experienced teachers from Shambhala’s global community and offer teachings grounded in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in a format that is direct and relevant to Western students.

As a special gift for Tiny Buddha readers, the Shambhala team has included a unique 10% off code for each course.

We hope you find something that works for you below.

To start or resume a regular meditation practice

Mindfulness meditation can change your life. Relief from anxiety and stress, a more grounded life, better general health and well-being, stronger relationships and connections (with others, the world around us, and ourselves!) , a wider and more flexible mind, and a transformative practice that offers countless benefits. other advantages.

If you want to start or resume regular meditation practice, this course learn to meditate can help.

Led by senior teacher, movement artist and pioneer Arawana Hayashi, learn to meditate Covering both sitting and walking meditation, it gives you the tools you need to integrate meditation into your daily life, resulting in better well-being and connection with yourself and others.

Get 10% off with code TBLearn10 learn to meditate.

to develop self-love

learn to love yourself Co-starring with Sabine Rolf will help you discover warmth and kindness towards yourself, a beautiful quality known in Buddhism as loving-kindness.Maitri in Sanskrit).

Through meditation, experiential exercises, and talks, learn to embrace and accept yourself for who you are. Manages stress, anxiety and difficult emotions leading to a more balanced and resilient state. And develop self-confidence and trust in yourself.

Investing in your own self-love and self-compassion paves the way for personal growth, increased happiness, a more harmonious life, and stronger and healthier connections with others and the world around you. prize.

Get 10% off with code TBLOVE10 learn to love yourself.

to foster compassion and love

If you want to explore the Mahayana Buddhist path of universal compassion, Melting the Ice and Clearing Stalls: Discussing 37 Bodhisattva Practices A perfect starting point.

This course uses a classical text of Tibetan Buddhism from the 14th century as a reference. Bodhisattva’s thirty-seven lines. A “bodhisattva” is an ordinary person determined to live like a Buddha, that is, to help others discover their underlying goodness and be free from suffering. This course explores what it means to live the bodhisattva path and provides valuable guidance for developing a strong mind and a compassionate approach to life’s challenges.

Get 10% off with code TBUNSTUCK10 Bodhisattva’s 37 Practices.

Exploring Buddhism and Buddhist Paths

All year round in Shambhala Freedom Fundamentals: Hinayana It explores fundamental Buddhist teachings in depth to give you a clear understanding of core principles and practices.

foundation for freedom Consisting of five parts, each part is led by an experienced teacher and covers core Buddhist teachings such as:

  • nature of suffering
  • The root of suffering
  • It is possible to be free from suffering,
  • the path of Shira (discipline), samadhi (meditation) and Hannya (wisdom).

Working with these teachings develops mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, a deeper connection to your spiritual journey, and a true understanding of the basic Buddhist teachings and paths.

Use code TBFREEDOM10 for 10% off all Foundations of Freedom courses.

How to discover the spiritual path in everyday life

If you want to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and discover the “ordinary magic” in your everyday experiences, check this out. meditation in everyday life and daily life satisfaction.

meditation in everyday life

Led by Janet Solinchez meditation in everyday life A 5-week introduction to mindfulness meditation.

Learn about peacefully sustained meditation, receive guidance to establish a meditation practice, and explore ways to improve your daily life through meditation. This course also provides instruction in meditation postures, instruction in shamatha yoga, and downloadable guided meditations.

Through simple guidance and support, you will discover your innate stability, strength and clarity of mind.

Get 10% off with code TBMEDITATION10 meditation in everyday life.

daily life satisfaction

daily life satisfaction It invites us to explore the art of finding happiness within ourselves, regardless of external circumstances. It helps us to understand that even in the most difficult situations of life, we are enough.

Led by Yves Rosenthal, this five-week course teaches you how to cultivate contentment through the practice of meditation and contemplation. You will also learn how to relax with yourself, appreciate the simple human experience, and face life’s challenges with kindness and mindfulness.

Get 10% off with code TBCONTENT10 daily life satisfaction.

To explore human goodness and build a good society

If you are looking to connect with your own worth and contribute to a more compassionate and enlightened society, consider the Basic Goodness series. Together, these three courses delve into fundamental principles of goodness as they apply at the level of the individual, society, and reality itself, providing a roadmap for personal and societal transformation.

Who am I?basic goodness of being human

of Who am I?basic goodness of being humanWe will now embark on a journey of meditative inquiry as we explore the timeless question of “Who am I?”

Through the teachings of Buddhism and the practice of meditation, you will learn how our self-consciousness arises from moment to moment, and how to use meditation to tap into and express the basic goodness within us.

Get 10% off with code TBHUMAN10 Who am I?basic goodness of being human.

Would you like help?the basic goodness of society

of Would you like help?the basic goodness of societyexplores the concrete aspects of relationships with others, a desire to help the world, and social change.

This six-session course explores what it means to be an “enlightened society,” a society that builds and nurtures the goodness in everyone. This teaching focuses on transforming four aspects of her society: family, professional life, entertainment and economy.

Get 10% off with code TBSOCIETY10 Would you like help?the basic goodness of society.

What is real? Basic goodness of reality

of What is real? Basic goodness of realityLed by the renowned teacher John Rockwell, this course explores the magical nature of reality and takes you through the step-by-step process of discovering the non-dual perception of the elements and consequently the nature of the mind. .

This experiential course encourages you as a teacher to work with sensory perceptions and elements, allowing you to see, hear, touch, taste and smell reality anew. You will awaken your innate ability to directly experience the basic goodness that is the essence of reality.

Get 10% off with code TBREALITY10 What is Real?basic goodness of reality.

Whatever aspect of meditation or spirituality you would like to explore, Shambhala Online offers courses that cater to your unique needs and interests. By working with these teachings, you not only deepen your personal practice, but also contribute to the creation of a more compassionate and enlightened society.

Shambhala Online also offers a regular calendar of live online courses with personal interaction, from monthly and quarterly mini-retreats to programs with respected teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. To see upcoming courses, View course calendar.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact the Shambhala team at registrar@shambhalaonline.org.

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