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Pixel battery life is having issues with May 2023 update

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If you have a Pixel 6 or Pixel 7 series device and have not yet updated to the May 2023 security patch, we recommend that you do not update. Because this update can wreak havoc on battery life and heat.

Google Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 6a, Pixel 7, and 7 Pro owners are reporting issues with their phones overheating and battery draining abnormally quickly after the May 2023 update. In some cases, this can cut battery life in half or worse, or make the phone hot to the touch.

User reports of these issues began to emerge first. Around May 6just days after the update was released, and has been going on ever since.

Another potentially related issue seems to come from the Google app. This app is running in the background and seems to be using system resources to both overheat and drain your phone’s battery life. Some affected users are Spoken on Reddit, which states that the issue occurs in both the current stable and beta versions of the Google app. Also, some people found that the “Android System Intelligence” app was showing high battery usage in their system settings.

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Both issues seem to be fairly widespread, with hundreds of comments on multiple comments. Reddit thread and Google support forum about the issue. Personally, my his Pixel 7 Pro doesn’t seem to have been attacked, but it has had some. narratively Late last week, my battery life deteriorated immediately after updating to the May patch, and I haven’t seen any recurrences of such symptoms since. Our own Damian Wilde said that before he installed the May 2023 patch, his Pixel 7a had good battery life, but since then he’s noticed a drop in battery life.

Google has yet to give a public answer to the issue, and customer support seems useless, according to some users who have gone down that road. Rolling back to a previous version of the Google app doesn’t seem to help.

If your Pixel is impacted, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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