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9 Sunday Routine Ideas to Help You Relax and Reset

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Even before entering the workforce, Sunday Scaries was a concept firmly entrenched in my subconscious.Given the its definition As “feelings of anxiety and fear that occur the day before going back to work,” we have to imagine that this is an almost universal experience. We love what we do and may be passionate about what we do. And while a well-thought-out Sunday routine may not solve all the problems of getting back to work, it will leave you feeling better rested and ready to do the work that needs to be done. Helps start the week off right.

Wrapping up the first week of 2023. I hope this article helps you reaffirm your intent to set up a support routine throughout the week. Routines help us keep track towards our goals. improve our mental healthand they direct our attention to the most meaningful things in our lives.And we may all be familiar with the benefits of a Sunday routine.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

How to Create a Sunday Routine: 9 Game-Changing Ideas

Here are some points to keep in mind when creating a Sunday Dairy: Appearance is free. the only requirement?Rituals and practices that weave into weekend relaxation should be supported youSo if a yoga flow helps you connect with your body before a stressful Monday, give it a try! There is nothing to stop you from spending hours at

Investing in yourself, your health, and your happiness is the key to living a meaningful and harmonious life.

But who doesn’t love feeling inspired? *Raise your hands* To help us all through our Sunday routine journey, I’ve taken some of the most successful people I know in every industry. Here are some of the best advice from CEOs, influencers, founders, and more. Keep reading to learn how they spent their Sundays setting them up for success next week.

Image by Michelle Nash

Reframe how you think about Sundays

“By keeping an open mind, being positive about what happens next, and staying focused on your goals, you can keep the Sunday scaries away.” Laura Lee, makeup artist, YouTuber, entrepreneur and blogger

create structure for your child

“[My husband and I] I turn down all the lights in the house to remind my kids that it’s time for them (and us) to unwind. This will calm your thoughts for the day and allow you to focus on the last hours your kids are awake. ” — Brandy Joy Smith, content creator and interior designer, and Camille Stiles Motherhood Editor

Image by Michelle Nash

Invest in products that help you sleep better

“My husband and I are both addicted to sleepers. one is our favourite. It really helps me fall into a deep and restful sleep. ” — Shaz Rajashekar, co-founder shaz + kicks

Let your environment reflect how you want to feel

“After the kids go to bed, the first thing I do is literally and energetically declutter the space by putting on relaxing music, putting away toys and dishes, and lighting fires. sageand lighting lavender orange candleThis completely changes the energy in the house and I can start to unwind. ”— Founder Tiffany Paul sleeping life

“After turning on the music, light the candles and pour a cup of hot tea. Being aware and aware of my space and surroundings is essential to my creativity, productivity and rest.” — Stella Simona, Co-Founder Hearty Chai When Amarillo

Image by Michelle Nash

Set bedtime intentions

“The last thing I do is hold an amethyst crystal and set a bedtime intention, for example, a deeply restorative sleep intention. I find that the simple act of setting positive intentions for sleep can really help. , and more than that, I like using crystals as a mindfulness tool before bed.” — Founder Tiffany Paul sleeping life

Get hooked on social media and turn on Do Not Disturb

“I’m not avoiding social media, but I choose to scroll and focus on my favorite social media, like TikTok. I’m in mode.At that point, my social time is until Monday.” — Laura Lee, makeup artist, YouTuber, entrepreneur and blogger

Image by Michelle Nash

don’t go to bed angry

“My husband, dog, and I can always sleep together, watch a funny sitcom on Sunday nights, and fall asleep laughing! Our destination is office, of course! ” — Kiku Chaudhuri Co-Founder shaz + kicks

take your sunday routine outside

“Sundays are often spent with my husband, Jack. When the weather is nice, I love spending the day outside. It’s a good thing, walking without a phone feels rhythmic and meditative, which allows my mind to think freely step by step.” — Riley Reed, photographer, author and founder awakened beauty

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