Banana ice cream 1 ingredient

my sister got The New York Times “Recipes Without Recipes” Cookbook A while ago, and now every time I chat with her, she mentions a new one she made. “Have you ever eaten?” delicious French toast? “She would tell me. Or, ‘I made boursan asparagus tarts for dinner last night!’

Non-nytimes Recipes Cookbook

But what is the dish that finally caught my attention? One-ingredient ice cream: Place frozen bananas in a food processor. that’s it! You can eat the bowl as is, or top it with peanuts, maple syrup, berries, sprinkles, cinnamon, hot fudge, chocolate chips, M&Ms, whipped cream, or whatever your little heart desires.

Banana ice cream 1 ingredient

The boys and I whipped it up last night. And it was surprisingly rich, creamy, and somehow even had a milky taste. You probably already know this, but if you do, do you have any tips from the pros? What else are you eating with your kids these days?

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