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A Week of Outfits: Scott Csoke

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Scott Coke Week of Outfit

“There was a very short period of time when everyone was wearing all black, and I was obsessed with it,” he says. Scott Corka New York-based artist who chronicles her daily fit all of my gay costumes“But I couldn’t. Wearing black drained me of everything. Wearing bright colors tricked me into being gregarious and excitable.” not. “You think, ‘This color doesn’t look good in this season’ or ‘You can’t wear this and that color together’. But those rules are not realistic. I don’t know how I started something like that, but it’s not true.” Here, Scott shares five everyday looks…

Scott Coke Week of Outfit

blazer: vintage, resemble. Skirt: CezaneShirt: J.Crew (out of stock), resemble. Tights: los angeles apparel. shoes: Sam Edelman.

“In high school, my style was boring. I lived in a town in Virginia that wasn’t super progressive or open to non-heterosexual ideas of cisgender. It was hard to even think about who I wanted to be and how I wanted to dress, but in college I started to discover myself, then moved to New York, played with clothes and finally found what I wanted. I stopped editing myself, and it took me a very long time to convince myself that this was okay.”

Scott Coke Week of Outfit

“There’s something wonderful about taking a classic style and tweaking it. I like the ’50s cheerleader vibe, like long pleated skirts. To do lettuceware, staffordshire dog, gingham, mercury glassWhen Decoupage by John DerianI take care of my clothes and my home, but I don’t treat my things as precious enough that I don’t wear or use them. If it feels right, it’s right.”

Dress: Kika Vargas x Target (no longer available via Target, but can be found second hand). Up: Claire V. socks: & other stories. shoes: SabahPearl: Claire V. (no longer available, but small size is.) Bag: Claire V., resemble Also resemble.

“designer Claire Vivier crystal with @beerbottles_chainsaws Both do similar things. Combine different things that don’t make sense on a rack or on a bed. But when they wear it Oh yeah, this is how you wear itI have many style icons such as Iris Apfel, Fran Lebowitz, SZA, Charles Nelson Riley, Carol Channing, Lady Gaga, Marc Jacobs. Christopher John Rogers make. I like exaggerated pieces, sequins and color blocking. I hate to think that there are certain limits to what is appropriate and what I think, i can’t wear it

Scott Coke Week of Outfit

sweater: Claire VSkirt: J.Crew (discontinued), resemble. scarf: John Derian. Tights: los angeles apparel Shoes: Naturalizer, resemble.

“I’m androgynous, I love gender question marks. Labels don’t matter to me personally, but I know they help other people understand me. Pronouns aren’t he/him, I use them, and I’m non-binary, so I don’t feel bound by expectations about what it means to be a man or a woman.”

“I work in retail and I love going to stores. Most of the time I don’t buy anything, I just want to see what’s going on. But there are some exciting places to step in. The Gucci store in Soho is so beautiful, the Tory Burch store is cohesive and classic. Alex Mill lately i also like ralph lauren shop. I think I’m the last person in my generation who still shop in a brick and mortar store! “

Scott Coke Week of Outfit

Jumpsuit: Alex MillSweater: Vintage, resemble. clock: Breda. Ring: Mianxay (not on site), resembleBracelet: Clare V. (not on website, but There are many wonderful gold bracelets). shoes: Sam Edelman.

“When I started presenting my work, I was interviewed by someone who kept calling me a gay artist. It was annoying, I hate feeling like I can only do one thing, or that I can only do one thing, I mean, do you know what “straight art” looks like? I have been obsessed with the idea of ​​what is gay and what is perceived as gay.

Scott Coke Week of Outfit

“I like women’s shoes, so my shoes are tight, but I wear size 12. This J. Crew heel And I love height. Sometimes the same shoes he buys two colors and wears one of each. People get a kick out of it. “

dress: & other stories. Tights: COS. Bodysuit: & other stories. Jacket: UniqloShoes: Naturalizer, resemble. Hat: Claire VJewelry: Claire V. scarf: parade, resemble.

“Putting together a look feels like painting. You have to get the whole composition right. I’ve always been drawn to bags, but haven’t been able to explore them for a while. Once I got over it, it was like a Pandora’s box. Claire V. bag It’s not boring. They have cool shapes and green leather. Silk scarves are nice too.my favorite scarf wearer Dr. Burks at an early COVID press conference.

“I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t faced a lot of criticism and hate for my outfit. Earlier this year, I was walking down the street and this guy walked up to me. I was thinking, Well what happens? Is this person kind or rude? He is in his fifties and told me that his sister was teased at school for being gay. She always used to tell her kids who bullied her, “Get her brother!” He just wants to protect her, he just wants to take care of her, he said. he said to me People like me don’t get very positive perceptions of how they present themselves from strangers. It restored my faith in humanity. “

thank you for sharing. scott. we love you.

P.S. More people are sharing their outfits of the week, including journalists who love to mix colors and photographers who have come up with petite outfits.

(Photo courtesy: Christine Han for Cup of Joe)

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