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A Week of Outfits: Sue Poole

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sue pool costume

“Every time I walked past Zara, I always thought, ‘Let’s take a look.’ Reminisce. sue pool“I’m very happy with my style since I bought it completely second hand. It’s much more original.” I’m here. At Source VintageHere, she shares her five go-to looks…

sue pool style

Best: Depop, resemble. Dress: old clothes clothes story, resemble.

“Since starting Instagram, I have found myself trying to keep up with trends, but I no longer enjoy clothes. I participated in 2019. second hand september, I only wore what I had or bought second hand.I found out at the end of the month need new clothes. I learned how to dress myself. This sweater vest is one of my favorite pieces and goes well with flowing dresses. ”

sue watson style

Jacket: old clothes wild daisy vintage, resemble. House coat: old clothes Ebay. shoes: Zara, resemble.

“I’m always looking for vintage house coats. This is the kind of garment women used to wear around the house in the 60’s before dressing up and going out. I love that each has one pocket.” I think it looks a bit like Betty Draper mad men, she always has a cigarette in her hand. I live in Windsor, England, where everyone wears dark gray clothes. So when you walk down the street wearing vintage loungewear, it changes your look, but I really like it.”

sue pool style

Jacket: old clothes Simon EllisJeans: Savings, resemble. Necklace: Old clothes wild daisy vintage. shoes: Majefound in Bestiere Collective.

“We have a lot of unique pieces that need rehoming, so we take pleasure in sourcing vintage. I started using eBay’s Save This Search. Enter a keyword you’re looking for, like ‘vintage christian dior’ and you’ll receive a daily email with all the items. You can see everything as soon as you drop it, saving you time in searching. 80’s Simon Ellis top. The three-tiered sleeves are a form of beauty reminiscent of the back of a dinosaur. ”

sue pool

“It’s not easy to wear only vintage. It takes a bit of ‘time privilege’ to do it, and you need to know your measurements to shop online. But three staple items: Once you have a , you can add it to what you already own. I think some people are afraid of vintage clothes because they think they can only wear completely vintage clothes. But you can combine. I wear this top all the time. It’s like wearing a T-shirt and jeans. ”

sue pool style

Shirt: “Handmade in Italy” phloxhound vintageBest: ‘Old Austrian Knit’ wild daisy vintageTrousers: Daxfound in oxfamShoes: “Old Celine” Etsy.

“These trousers are called ‘plus four’. Gentry put them on and went shooting ducks. They are wool, absolutely gorgeous, get the most response, love the big print too, perfect for dungarees and sweaters under his vest.Recently I women’s novelty print blouseType “vintage novelty prints” or “art deco lady prints” when searching online. Just write ‘Lady Print’ and you’ll get anything from tie-dye to cheetah.”

sue pool

Dress: Second-hand Skavin oxfam. shoes: golden goosefound in Bestiere CollectiveGlasses: “Last year’s holiday Italian flea market”, resemble.

“I got this dress from the organization Oxfam in a charity shop. The most gorgeous wire sleeves and velvet pencil skirt. It was £50 stolen and I knew I would never find anything like it again.” Wear this for a night out, birthday party, or Sunday lunch. NARS Dragon Girl concluded with mac ruby ​​wooIt’s the only lipstick I wear. ”

sue pool

“As I’ve gotten older, my style has gotten more daring. I always tell my kids, ‘You don’t have to follow trends.’ Because it’s really just a marketer’s tool, right? I wish I had known sooner to follow my drum beat. ”

Thank you very much bring the action, we love you!you can follow her Instagramif you please.

PS More women share their outfits for the week, including the Bridgerton-inspired Brooklyn lady and the gray-haired New Englander who loves stripes.

(Photo courtesy: Josephine Elvis.)

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