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An Emotional Release Technique for Greater Joy and Clarity

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Every time I got angry, I avoided my feelings. “I’m fine,” I say to anyone who asks me how I’ve been. Now I’m doing something different thanks to the Emotional Freedom Techniques I’ve been practicing. When you feel the anger burning in your chest, step into another room and scream into your pillow. It’s primitive, a little childish, and one of the most transformative things I do for myself.

This personal technique is part of what Catherine Petrullo calls emotional catharsis and considers it an integral part of a healthy “emotional mastery”.Petrulo, Quantum Healer and Founder LuminateWe believe that when we are able to fully feel the emotions running through our bodies: , anger, sadness, fear, joy and frustration, we become more defined and vibrant. The clearer, the clearer our happiness, the clearer our truth, ”says Petrulo. “Then you can go in the right direction without fear.”

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It may sound simple, but there is a deeper reason behind Petrolo’s claims. In the Western world, we avoid emotions and charge with our heads held high. “The way society teaches us how to manage our emotions is a bit neglectful,” she adds. It’s a disadvantage for us, says Petrulo.

Emotional release techniques need to be practiced to move forward in a healthy way. As Petrullo shows below, this allows you to dig deeper and honor what you feel, so you can stay on your intended path.

Benefits of Emotional Catharsis and How to Practice It

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Why is Emotional Catharsis Important?

That’s not what we are taught. When we are toddlers, we experience what we feel. When overwhelmed, tears suddenly flow. But as we grow up, we are taught emotional control primarily by parents who do not have a healthy emotional release system. [or emotional catharsis]That’s why there are so many sayings like ‘stop crying’, ‘it’s okay’, ‘don’t feel bad’. If it were that easy, we could go on with our lives. But when we repress our emotions, mucus builds up in our lungs, preventing them from expanding as much. Practicing emotional catharsis clears the phlegm so you can continue to breathe and expand into whatever you can in a healthier, more productive way.

What happens when you don’t feel your emotions enough?

Emotions are the magnetic poles of our inner compass. If you can’t control your emotions well, you’ll fall into anxiety patterns, which often lead to a lot of fear. Fear can be a very productive emotion. Sometimes it really saves us. But in some cases, fear leads to limiting beliefs that need to be expanded beyond. Mastering the release of these heavier emotions allows us to make better decisions that are authentic for ourselves and keep our bodies more open to expansion. A better hygiene system to maintain the system.

“I look at it like breath. We breathe in, we breathe out, we expand and contract. and a healthy emotional catharsis helps guide this expansion and contraction.” — Catherine Petrulo

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How do you practice emotional catharsis?

It has three components:

The first is to navigate the route, I call it infrequent work. You should discover: What are the core emotions that I feel? Often we don’t even know what emotions are there when something overlaps and affects us. Especially if you grew up in a world where you weren’t taught to vocalize or release your emotions. To do this, start by sitting with yourself and asking W.do i really feel And invite that feeling to come out.

Then we move on to the somatic elementWe know the emotions we have in our bodies and it’s time to release them by working with them in different ways. What I’ve noticed is that my emotions take different notes. I like to explode like rock and roll when I’m ready to release my anger. Create a 30-minute playlist of high-energy music, then move and shake off your body. By setting that time limit, you understand that it won’t last forever. You feel it and you get out of it.

Other practices that can help include:

  • Breathwork or exhale and scream.
  • EFT tap while saying, “It’s safe to feel your emotions,” and let go of the emotions as they arise.
  • repetitive motion. When we repeat the same body movement, we are working to ground and release the energy that is held in our body. Awaken the emotions in your body and allow them to release after exercise.

The final piece is what I call expansion points or high frequency exercisesThis is the place to get out of your emotions and not dwell on leftovers. You may be deep in your emotions and crying, so you need to calm down afterwards. I also love creating separate playlists with light fun songs. This will shift your energy and make you feel better and safer.

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What are the benefits of emotional catharsis?

Release low-frequency options based on shame or fear. These are limiting beliefs such as: i’m not good at this Also i have no self esteemPracticing emotional catharsis allows us to move forward without these limiting beliefs. It also allows you to get in touch with who you really are and be more attuned to the higher frequency energies. It empowers us and makes us clearer and more guided by joy.

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