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An Expert’s Tips on How to Make Your Home Healthier

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ten years ago, Shauna Holman I knew something had to change. Over the years, she battled chronic health conditions such as her debilitating migraines and her head fog. Western medicine provided some relief, but her immunity was weakened. She needed a radical change. How to get rid of the root cause of her problems and support her body. So she began her journey to reduce toxins from her and her family’s lives, from self-care products to household products to food.

Holman gradually recovered. She says that in studying, throwing and swapping things in her life, she has acquired a lot of knowledge to make her home and life “a little less toxic”. says.

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How to make your home healthier

Holman has become a trusted resource in accessible, everyday home health.her site and book A healthier home: A room-by-room guide to making every space a little less toxic provides accessible advice for a cleaner life, from how to make your home healthier to easy, healthy recipes.

I recently called Holman for advice on how to reduce toxins in my home. In chatting with her, I discovered that the most attractive thing about her was her humility and lack of judgment. Her approach, as you’ll see below, is to take small steps and do what works for you.

“I would like to give an example of a big step forward,” says Holman. “If I lose my balance a little bit, and if I extend my leg further, I fall. But I take steps that are reasonable to me. As long as I can keep going.”

Healthy home tips from the experts

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Where’s the best place to start for someone looking to make their home healthier?

One of the places where you can have the biggest impact and start right away is the food in your kitchen. That’s where I started. Because when it comes to food, it’s a replacement anyway. So when you run out of ketchup, replace your next bottle with one that fits your budget and has better ingredients. If you keep at it, you’ll soon see big changes.

Then turn to other things in your home that you use frequently. This usually means products and personal care products. If you start to run out of them, look for slightly less toxic options. However, always give yourself a grace period so that you can do your research and find a product that meets your needs and budget.

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When it comes to toxins lurking in our homes, what are the powerful ones we should avoid?

scent. It’s in pretty much everything, and in unexpected places like blush, concealer, and feminine products. Fragrances are made up of dozens, possibly hundreds, of different chemicals that aren’t legally required to appear on the label. These ingredients often contribute to poor health and poor indoor air quality.

Therefore, pay attention to the aromas contained in the raw materials. If you can avoid it, it makes a big difference. After removing the scent, you can feel it in your throat, nose, and head as you encounter it. Many people who have removed it from their lives have told me so as well.

You are a big proponent of opening windows. Why is this beneficial?

I think we’re in this terrarium with the sun shining in and everything escalating inside. Even with a recirculating air conditioning system, keeping doors and windows closed will trap gases from materials, trace toxins from dust, and other concentrations. Therefore, opening a door or window, even for 10 to 20 minutes a day, expels that air and allows fresh, clean air to circulate. This is true even in cities with poor air quality. Indoors with closed doors and windows, the pollution is even greater.

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We spend most of our lives in our bedrooms. How can you bring the room to a healthy state in no time?

When it comes to bedrooms, it’s important to start with the most basic.

  • Keep it dust free.
  • Invest in healthy bedding.

You can reduce dust by minimizing clutter, vacuuming frequently, and opening windows. All of these contribute to a healthier environment.

When it comes to beds, bedding is essential because we spend a lot of our lives there. Buying a new mattress can be too big an investment, so if you can’t afford it, invest in quality, non-toxic mattress toppers and sheets made from natural materials. This helps limit exposure to toxic substances.

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