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Apple Reportedly ‘Seriously’ Concerned About iPhone 14 Plus Sales, Looking to Reevaluate iPhone 15 Lineup

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Reportedly, Apple iPhone 14 Plus a 6.7-inch non-Pro variant of the “iPhone 14” lineup. As a result, the company is looking at ways to restructure its strategy. iphone line-up for next year.

iphone 14 lineup
The iPhone 14 Plus is the latest addition to the iPhone lineup, replacing the 5.4-inch mini iPhone. The iPhone 14 Plus has the same design, camera, and performance as the standard iPhone 14, but with a larger display and battery.according to Posted by yeux1122 on NaverApple, which has shared both accurate and inaccurate information in the past, is thinking about ways to reevaluate how it treats professional and non-professional iPhones. iPhone15.

This post outlines two possible strategies that Apple is reportedly considering. had long been rumored According to Apple Analyst Ming-Chi KuoThen, according to a post citing supply chain and industry sources, Apple is considering cutting the price of the Plus model in its lineup from $899. A price cut on the Plus model means that the standard iPhone, which starts at $799, could also get a price cut, unless Apple wants to close the price gap between his two models.

Over the past few years, Apple has changed and re-evaluated its iPhone lineup several times. Starting with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple began offering small and large iPhones before expanding his four models, two standard and two high-end, with different materials, colors and camera features. provided.start with iphone 13 proFor example, Apple has started offering the same camera system in its 6.1-inch Pro and 6.7-inch Pro Max models. This is unlike previous years when more advanced camera features were reserved only for the biggest iPhones.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has chosen to offer two standard and two high-end models (two 6.1-inch models and two 6.7-inch models) that are size-matched. Both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have the same camera and design, the only difference being the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s physically larger battery.

The iPhone 15 is still a year away, so it’s too early to know what strategy Apple will adopt. However, as one sign that they’re trying to unify the entire lineup, dynamic island teeth Scheduled to be installed in all models of iPhone 15For a full rundown of what we know about the iPhone 15 so far, see here our summary.

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