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Arizona Cardinals may target another center after Roullier retires

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With a veteran starter retiring, the Arizona Cardinals may look elsewhere for a good center.

With less than three weeks until training camp starts, the Arizona Cardinals still don’t have a legitimate center starter. Hjalte Froholt seems like the frontrunner for this show, but that’s a bit of a scary proposition. It’s hard to believe that a player who is allowed to start just four games in the NFL will thrive in such an important position for the Redbirds.

There was evidence that Arizona general manager Monty Ossenfort was indeed aware of the problem when free agent Chase Roulier was brought in for tryouts last month. In 63 starts, Washington commander A competent veteran under his belt, gigantic Upgrade over Froholt. But Rourier’s early retirement has dashed hopes of a 29-year-old veteran.

It’s certainly disappointing to miss out on Lurier, but not all hope is lost for Card. Coincidentally, there are still two interesting options left on the free agent market. In fact, it’s a bit surprising that both of these talented blockers are still looking for work.

Ben Jones, 12 years professional. Tennessee Titans, would go great with Arizona. Especially considering Ossenfort has served as Tennessee’s director of player personnel for the past three years. It’s no surprise that the Cardinals’ GM would be interested in an obviously familiar and skilled center.

he was drafted Houston Texans In 2012, Jones made a staggering 151 starts. The Alabama native is no spring chicken at 34, but Cards could squeeze at least one more solid season out of a lineman who just finished a Pro Bowl performance.

Another free agent center that Arizona’s front office should definitely focus on is former third-round draft pick Pat Elfline. Minnesota Vikings. 29 year old suffered a cut carolina panthers Since March of this year, there has been no mention of him at all. What is the reason for the lack of interest in Elfrein?

It’s entirely possible that some teams are staying away from Elfline due to his poor injury record. A hip injury last fall limited the 6-foot-3,303-pounder to just six starts at guard. Elflein, who was Carolina’s starting centre-back in 2021, missed eight games with a torn hamstring.

Even so, Ossenfort and his crew should be intrigued by Elflein’s 37-game career start at center. That’s a lot more experience than Froholt has as an anchor in attack. It seems inevitable that the Cardinals will acquire either Jones or Elfline before the 2023 season begins in September.

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