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As Writers Take On Apple, WGA Chiefs React To DGA Deal – Deadline

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Apple may have entered the virtual reality arena today with the announcement of a new platform and headset it launched in partnership with Disney boss Bob Iger, but in the real world it’s been targeted by writers. I spent my days

WGA decided to distribute the leaflet not only outside Apple headquarters, but also in various cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC.

In Los Angeles, dozens of writers traveled from protests outside Television City to The Grove, home to an Apple store, to distribute information about the strike to consumers interested in new iPhones and laptops.

Former WGA West chairman David Goodman told Deadline he targeted Apple because the union’s demands were “not a big deal in terms of annual income.” The guild said the proposal would cost the company about $17 million a year in annual revenues of about $400 billion.

“If they want to be the company that hires writers, they have to pay us what we’re asking,” Goodman added. “We wanted to have a special day.” [show] Dear Apple customers, the company that has a reputation for treating creators well treats the TV and film creators that it puts on its platform. “

Chris Kaiser, Co-Chair of the WGA Negotiating Committee, agreed. “These ostensibly mild-mannered and creatively forward-thinking companies are handing out flyers to Apple to remind people that they do the exact opposite with their employees, especially with us,” he said. ‘” he told Deadline.

“Our $17 million annual figure is rounding error on top of rounding error.” [for Apple],” he added.

Mr. Keyser is an exec who has produced series such as: Julia and party of five, He added that streamers did not invent the short order season. “People mistakenly think that when a short order season starts, problems start for the writers. The real change came when technology companies like Netflix, Amazon and Apple got into the business, saying they had no place in the industry and didn’t care how TV and movies were made. I started applying some sort of standard of productivity and efficiency to my creativity, and since then the life of a writer has become almost unsustainable,” he said.

DGA trading

Kaiser and Goodman also responded to the DGA’s deal over the weekend, reiterating that it would not stop the WGA’s activities.

“We expected the DGA to reach an agreement,” Kaiser said. “The devil is in the details, and what those proposals really mean becomes only clear when you know what the contract language is. is separate from the director’s agenda, and we’ll see how that intersects with what we’re trying to achieve. I have told the members and AMPTP that no matter what, the contract with the writer must be completed. [us] And no one else,” he said.

Goodman agreed that it would not change the WGA’s negotiating stance. “Until we know more, I won’t comment on whether they gave us a pattern. It doesn’t matter,” he added. “Writers are facing an existential crisis for their livelihoods that will wipe out writing as a profession if we don’t strike out to solve it.”

Nicole Yorkin, WGA negotiating committee member and former Netflix showrunner hit run And executives produced the US version murder, Aside from residuals and AI, he said there was little overlap in what the two guilds were negotiating. “I don’t think there’s anything that really bothers me,” she said. , I think I’m determined to never keep going until I achieve it [what we want].

over in new york, It was also attracting attention at the Apple store.

Striking Writers Guild of America members and supporters took up positions outside four Apple stores in New York City on Monday afternoon, substituting fliers for picket signs.

Much like those who try to get passers-by in New York City to receive literature on any subject, those with leaflets in Monday’s Apple-targeted labor movement are more likely to receive them than the traffic. were relatively few.

“I think it would be better not to say anything,” said a WGA protester outside Apple’s flagship store on New York’s Fifth Avenue near Central Park.

WGA member Melissa Salmons stands in the middle of the Fifth Avenue curb with a striker’s ensemble that includes a WGA baseball cap and a blue T-shirt that reads “Pay Different(ly)” with an Apple-like logo. rice field. — a parody of “Think Different”. The slogan of a pre-AppleTV+ or pre-iPhone tech company.

Salmons is a writer for the Hallmark Channel and has previously written soap opera scripts. of Youth and Restless People and guide light, This is the third writer’s strike.

“I’m here because I’m the epitome of what this union is,” Salmons said. “I’m a middle-class writer, not a showrunner. I’m fully insured.” [working] Thanks to the Writers Guild, I was able to live my life. Thanks to the Writers Guild, I have a pension that I can live on. I am here to pay that advance for all the young writers who are now starting out primarily in streaming who are making huge amounts of money for their streamers but are still struggling to pay their rent. . “

Salmons, who served on the union’s bargaining board during the 2007-2008 strikes, spoke of the union as it operates today, with hindsight that wasn’t there in 2007.

“After a few years, it became clear that this was where it all went,” Salmons said. While the 2008 deal was good in many respects, it did not have enough safeguards to prevent streaming from ultimately becoming a “means of reducing writers’ compensation, authority, and authority” for producers. rice field. [and] The ability to be on set,” she said. “I didn’t even realize how bad it was for people working in the streaming industry to have people like this kid until we started our member meetings.” [from] A bear who can’t pay the rent. “

Salmons said producers appear to be working in a “coordinated and coordinated effort” to use streaming to turn writing into gig work.

“The really fatal flaw, not just inhumane, is that they’re eating corn seed. They’re making actual showrunners work to death, creating new showrunners, and making sure the writers Follow the showrunners, cover the sets, learn how to work with directors, casting, props, actors, and then gut the system that allows you to follow along and post their episodes. to learn how to operate,” she added. “They’re trying to destroy the system that made great television.”

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