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You Matter to Me

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I want you to know that you are important to me.

In a world full of noise and superficiality, this may sound like a mere word. But it’s not. I’m serious

you are important to me And I wanted to cover the article to make sure you know that.

I always think of you when I sit down to write.

I’m not writing to a faceless crowd, to rank high on Google, or in clickbait titles just hoping to drive clicks to my website. I write for you, the individual who deliberately chose a life that resonates with simplicity and authenticity and meaning.

You are important to me because, like me, you are trying to live the best life you can. You want to be a devoted parent, a better friend, a more effective leader, a better neighbor, or a more active member of your faith community, passionately involved in the lives of those around you. I’m here.

You have decided that there are more important pursuits in life than material possessions. And you are here reading these articles and ideas. Because you value the quality of life over the quantity it contains. And you inspire me.

We seek to reduce our possessions in order to maximize our own value. so do i.

You are important to me because you are taking bold steps to embrace a counterculture lifestyle, striving hard to resist the culture that surrounds us and seeks to gain more. is.

You are here because you have decided that life is too valuable to waste chasing and accumulating material possessions. Why are you reading this blog, other than dreaming of something bigger?

that’s important to me.

And you are important to me.

I am working hard to bring you messages that inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge all of us, including myself, to focus and purposefully live our lives on what matters. know that you are

I think a lot of times this kind of message will be, “Thank you for supporting my work and allowing me to do it.” That’s true, but that’s not what I want to say today.

This is a clear expression of what I haven’t said enough. i really care about you

It means so much to me that you are part of this community. It also means that you have the courage to show up and live by a philosophy that values ​​authenticity over acquisition.

My role in the world I see is to encourage and inspire people to own less and live more. That is my passion and my determination. By reading these articles each week, you are actively participating in this mission. You represent a change in the world, a change in priorities and passions.

We want you to know that you are noticed, valued and important in this journey towards minimalism and purposeful living.

You are more than the comments and messages in my inbox, you are the flesh and blood person sending me those messages on the other side of the keyboard. And I read them all.

That’s why I care about you.

Even if I have never met you, I want you to know that you are important to me today and every day.

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