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‘Baby J’ Review: John Mulaney Punctures His Persona

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His description of the intervention is a comic highlight, with performances by Nick Kroll and Fred Armisen. ” Hilariously honored. And when the woman running it says he heard her kind, he corrects her: “Don’t trust the persona.”

The funniest part of the special is over an hour and 20 minutes long, longer than most recently released by Netflix, and includes a detailed text the nurse got from Pete Davidson during rehab to wake him up and read. Description. “Some people said we did drugs together because he has tattoos and I’m sober,” Mulaney said, gently poking fun at the superficiality of the media and the public.

The story begins when Mullaney finds out that he put Davidson’s phone number into his phone under the name Al Pacino. This gives Mullaney another chance to perform the scene from the nurse’s point of view, including a startling impersonation of the late Pacino. Except, I can’t do this justice.

Stupidity has long been central to Mulaney’s humor, and part of it comes from the discrepancy between him looking younger or much older than his age (he says “no” instead of ” prefers archaic words such as “no”). The title of his special tells the story of Benjamin Button. If we continue like this, the next one may be “Fetal Position”.

It’s a long-awaited special, and modern stand-up events tend to be more complicated than jokes. When Jerrod Carmichael came out of the closet, he ended the special abruptly and got a loose end. Chris Rock let his raw emotions explode in his vengeful reaction to being slapped by Will Smith. Mulaney remains a tightly controlled performer. His special mostly avoids his divorce and new child, instead focusing on his drug addiction.

The story has a happy ending, where he goes to rehab and is not only sober but no longer needs the approval of others. It’s a dramatic and rapid evolution. “What is someone trying to do to me that is worse than what I am doing to myself?” he asks, alluding to his own self-destructive tendencies. “What, are you going to cancel John Mulaney? I’m going to kill him.

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