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Bill Gurley Interviews Tim Ferriss — Reflecting on 20+ Years of Life and Business Experiments (#682)

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welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferris Showit’s usually my job to break down world-class performers to reveal routines, habits, etc. that they can apply to their own lives.

This is a special episode, a game changer. This time, legendary investor Bill Gurley interviewed me, recorded earlier this year at SXSW in Austin, Texas. In this conversation, I explore some of the lessons I’ve learned and my favorite discoveries over the last 20 years in areas like entrepreneurship, technology, and podcasting. Add some of your favorite books and other spices to keep things interesting.

Bill Gurley (@bgurley) has been a General Partner of Benchmark for over 20 years. Ventures Before he entered the capital business, Bill worked for Credit Suisse First for Top Rank Research where he worked for four years as an analyst on Wall Street, including three years in Boston. Throughout his venture career, he has worked with companies such as; grub hub, next, open table, stitch fix, uberand Jiro.

For more lessons from his incredible investing career, check out our interview with Bill at tim.blog/billgurley.

As an aside, the speech at SXSW in 2007, which I mentioned in the interview, was in many ways the beginning of everything. That was my first book published, 4 hours work week, Attracts the attention of influential bloggers and major media outlets, and is eventually published in The New York Times Bestseller list. For the next seven years, it’s more or less where the book was published. It was a wild ride.

Listen to the 2007 presentation at tim.blog/sxsw.

One last thing: Hugh Forrestif you’re listening, thank you for giving me a shot back in the day!

Please enjoy!

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A transcript of this episode is available here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#682: Bill Gurley Interviews Tim Ferriss — Reflecting on Over 20 Years of Life and Business Experimentation

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When was the last time Bill Gurley was on this podcast? I Is it the person who asked all the questions? Hear conversations discussing the most efficient short-term MBAs, sell-side and buy-side analysts, repurposing good ideas into alternative applications, underappreciated competitive advantages, the Santa Fe Institute, how to foster anti-tribalism, the problems open source can solve, and more.

#651: Legendary investor Bill Gurley on investment rules, spotting outliers, insights from Jeff Bezos and Howard Marks, must-read books, creating true competitive advantage, open source strategies, adapting mental models to new realities, and more

What’s your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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  • connect with Bill Gurley:

twitter | LinkedIn

Show memo

  • [06:32] From Princeton to Podcasting.
  • [07:39] How a disillusioned entrepreneur became a reluctant writer.
  • [14:22] angel investment and 4 hours body.
  • [16:40] Investment rulesets and key points.
  • [19:09] How the chosen location maximizes chance coincidences.
  • [20:42] Why did I quit angel investing?
  • [22:28] Entry into the blogosphere.
  • [27:02] Why Podcasting?
  • [28:33] Early and permanent lessons to improve your technique.
  • [31:37] What does it take to be a successful podcaster?
  • [34:57] The power of direct communication with your audience.
  • [38:48] Leverage lean infrastructure.
  • [40:34] Steps to help you prepare for an effective interview.
  • [45:08] A respected podcasting buddy.
  • [48:00] Spotify forays into podcasting territory.
  • [50:09] Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • [53:15] The most gifted book.
  • [55:31] The most effective purchase is $100 or less.
  • [55:30] Favorite failure.
  • [57:50] signboard.
  • [58:49] Best investment ever.
  • [59:30] New beliefs, behaviors, or habits that improve the most life.

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The Tim Ferris Show is one One of the world’s most popular podcasts with over 900 million downloads. He has been voted “Best of Apple Podcasts” three times and interviewed across Apple Podcasts.To listen to past episodes for free, go here this page.

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