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Tupac Shakur search warrant was issued for Keefe D, gang member who says he saw the murder

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Nevada police issued a search warrant on Monday to search laptops and other electronic devices at the home of a witness who was in the suspect’s vehicle during the shooting death of superstar rapper Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas in 1996, according to a warrant exclusively obtained by NBC News on Thursday.

Duane Keith-Davies, 60, also known as “Keffy D” or “Keffy D,” is the subject of a warrant from Clark County, which says Las Vegas police also searched desktops and other electronic storage devices, including thumb drives, CDs, external hard drives, and audio recordings.

Davis was one of four people police said were in the suspect vehicle when Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas. The alleged shooter, Davis’ nephew Orlando Anderson, later died in a gang-related murder in Los Angeles. Davis, who was investigated by both the Los Angeles Police Department and the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, initially denied involvement in Tupac’s murder, but later provided details of the case to police under a limited non-prosecution agreement. He has recently spoken openly about his presence on set in interviews, articles and other media outlets.

According to the warrant, Davis belonged to a street gang called the Southside Compton Cripps.

The warrant said investigators were also searching “television shows, documentaries, YouTube episodes, book manuscripts, film notes, writings, ledgers and other handwritten or typed documents relating to the murder of Tupac Shakur.” Also of interest, according to the warrant, was a copy of the book “Compton Street Legends” co-authored with Kef D.

According to the warrant, a Pokéball USB drive, a black iPhone in a black case, a gold iPad with a cracked screen, a gold iPad in a pink case, and a purple Toshiba laptop were found during a search of Davis’ home in Henderson, a city about 25 miles south of Las Vegas.

Items obtained by investigators also included another Toshiba laptop, a Toshiba hard drive, and an HP laptop.

On Tuesday, police confirmed in a statement that the search warrant had been executed.

“There is no further comment at this time,” the statement concluded.

Shakur, 25, Died September 13, 1996.

It’s been over 25 years since he passed away, but there’s no doubt he’s as famous and important today as he was when he died.

of Oakland, California City Council This year, a referendum decided to rename a section of MacArthur Boulevard, a major thoroughfare, in his honor.

“Deep down, Tupac knew he was always destined to do something great,” his sister Sekiwa “Set” Shakur said last month at a ceremony to add his late brother’s star to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“And as his sister, I was privileged to see that greatness unfold,” she said.

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