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Clutterfree in ’23

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“My life has become much less stressful and I have more self-control. Most importantly, I am becoming like the mother and wife I aspire to be.”— Caryn Senney

Becoming Minimalist is a website that reaches all walks of life, whether you’re living a minimalist life, just discovering it, or trying to achieve it.

I have spoken and emailed many of you. And we know the process is easier than others.

Many of you reading this blog would like to live a minimalist life but are struggling to achieve it. I don’t know where to start.

That’s why we created Uncluttered specifically.

Tidy up

Uncluttered is a 12-week online course purposefully designed to help you own less, live more, and discover the life you’ve always wanted. And we believe it’s the most effective elimination program on the Internet today.

75,000 people around the world use this principle to organize their homes and lives. So can you.

I only offer this course three times a year, but I’m excited to start the New Year’s Edition in just two weeks!

However, registration closes on Sunday, January 15th.

The course includes…

  • Video with step-by-step instructions
  • Interview with a Leader in Productivity and Minimalism
  • Live webinars addressing specific cluttered topics
  • Live Q&A for members to ask me questions every week
  • Manageable weekly clean-up challenges
  • And perhaps best of all, accountability and encouragement from a very dedicated community

Every Monday, you’ll receive a video from me, an exclusive interview with one of the Simplicity Movement’s brightest minds, and/or written content tailored specifically for the course. Receive weekly challenges to complete at a time that’s convenient for you, and the opportunity to interact with the community in a private Facebook group. You can also interact directly with me during live webinars and live Q&A opportunities.

This course offers community, accountability, the opportunity to ask questions, and everything that a book or blog post cannot.

“I learned more from this course than I expected. It was the best online group I have ever experienced.” — Rose K. Lebanon, NH


The course starts on Tuesday 17th January. Registration openbut ends on January 15th.

The cost is $99.

I am personally involved in all aspects of the course. My passion is making people’s lives better by owning less. I host webinars. I answer questions in my Facebook group. We also host live video chats. I have come to understand how important community, accountability and ongoing encouragement are to people. And we’re working hard to create that culture for Uncluttered Course.

Joining Uncluttered gives you access to the Lifelong Course.That means you can get as many (or as many) as you want. I know life is busy and the unexpected can happen at any time. But we’re here to help you succeed. If you’d like to take the course again, or just want a refresher on getting organized, you’re always welcome.

Don’t let feelings of guilt or overwhelm get in your way. The home you want is within 12 weeks.

If you’re ready to finally find victory in your well-organized journey, now is the time.

visit organized join us


There are some questions that I get asked every time I offer a course. Let me take a moment and answer some of them. Hope this helps:

Do you need to be available for specific hours and days of the week?

No. Materials are released every Monday morning. Participants log in at their convenience to view materials and initiate weekly challenges.

There are three live webinars taking place during the course, which are also recorded and readily available for those unable to attend the live event.

Can I work at my own pace?

yes. Anyone who signs up for Uncluttered has lifetime access. We all want this process to be successful. If for any reason you are late, your course materials will be ready when you are ready to continue or resume.

How much time do you need each week?

20-30 minutes to plan the material (video + short reading) to prepare each week.

The amount of time you need for your weekly tidying up challenge will vary slightly depending on the week and how much you want/need to tidy up. Plan 2-4 hours of tidying up each week for meaningful results.

Do I need Facebook for my course?

No. All course materials can be found on his Uncluttered website, with weekly emails featuring weekly topics/challenges. Facebook is a valuable part of the course for conversation and community with other participants, but not required.

What if my family is not on board?

First of all, you are not alone. This is one of the most common situations for people taking courses. We offer webinars with concrete ideas, books for children, discussion guides for couples, and many more conversations and resources to help you in this situation.

However, please note that signing up for this course does not automatically change your spouse, partner, or children. I challenge myself to start with my own and lead with love, grace, and patience, and bring others along on this journey of diminishing possessions.

Any other questions?

I will be happy to answer in the comments section below.

Either way, if you need to take this step and are ready to transform your home to find more calm, peace, time, and money… join us for the next edition of Uncluttered.

I look forward to personally helping you win. Join the Uncluttered community today!

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