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COLA Social Security 2023 updates — First round of $4,555 direct payments automatically dropping soon

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The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

It’s official: The majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck because they’re facing inflation so high.

According to a LendingClub report, 62% of all US adults said they were living paycheck to paycheck in February, compared with 60% the previous month.

More and more Americans are taking up side jobs to increase their expenses, the report notes.

“Many people are looking to subsidized income through side hustle or alternative income sources to improve their financial situation,” said Anuj Nayar, Head of Financial Health at LendingClub. CNBC reported.

Just under half of U.S. adults, 44%, now have a second job, up 13% from 2020.

“What is clear is that regardless of income group, having a secondary income has a significant impact on financial stability, often making it difficult to live comfortably and pay monthly bills. It means that there is a possibility that it means the difference between doing and doing.

How to Withdraw a Social Security Application

If you wish to withdraw your application for social security benefits, there are certain requirements.

Many seniors may decide to withdraw their Social Security applications if they prefer to wait until age 70 to finally receive maximum benefits.

To do so, you must contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) at 800-772-1213 or contact your local Social Security office to request that your application be withdrawn.

You can also download and complete the SSA-521 type and have it delivered to your local office.

To take advantage of the withdrawal option, you must act within 12 months from the date you originally submitted your application.

This can only be done once in your lifetime and you must repay the SSA for all payments already made and any income tax or Medicare premiums withheld.

Questioning the Advice of Some Financial Experts

For years, financial experts have recommended that seniors wait until age 70 to receive maximum Social Security benefits.

This is because doing so adds an additional 8% to your annual payment.

However, many Americans do not heed this advice, with the majority choosing to take advantage of benefits as soon as they become eligible at age 62.

About 13% of employees nearing retirement say they will wait to claim their maximum payout, but only 5% actually delay claiming benefits until age 70.

With the reality of getting older taking a toll, it might make sense to pay it off sooner.

SSA actually estimates that more than one in eight 20-year-olds today will die before reaching age 67.

Social Security Wage Limits, continued

For those who reach full retirement age in 2020, the income cap will be raised to $48,600 and fines will be reduced to $1 withheld for every $3 earned over the cap. usa news.

Your benefits will be adjusted after you reach full retirement age, taking into account withheld benefits and ongoing wages.

After reaching full retirement age, you can earn any amount without having to withhold Social Security.

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