Home Personal Development David Deutsch and Naval Ravikant — The Fabric of Reality, The Importance of Disobedience, The Inevitability of Artificial General Intelligence, Finding Good Problems, Redefining Wealth, Foundations of True Knowledge, Harnessing Optimism, Quantum Computing, and More (#662)

David Deutsch and Naval Ravikant — The Fabric of Reality, The Importance of Disobedience, The Inevitability of Artificial General Intelligence, Finding Good Problems, Redefining Wealth, Foundations of True Knowledge, Harnessing Optimism, Quantum Computing, and More (#662)

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“Wealth is not a number. there is no.

— David Deutsch

David Deutsch (@DavidDeutschOxf) is Visiting Professor of Physics at the Center for Quantum Computing, part of the Clarendon Institute at the University of Oxford, and an Honorary Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. He works on fundamental problems in physics, especially quantum theory of computation and information, especially constructor theory, which he proposes as a new way of formulating the laws of nature.he is the author of structure of reality and beginning of infinityand he is a proponent of the philosophy of Karl Popper.

navy lavicant (@Navy) is co-founder of air chat and angel list. He has invested in over 100 highly successful companies including Twitter, Uber, Notion, Opendoor, Postmates, Wish and many more.You can see his latest contemplation air chat subscribe Navyhis podcast on wealth and happiness, Apple podcasts, Spotify, overcast, or where you can get podcasts. Also, his blog can be found at: Navy.

For more on Naval-plus-Tim, check out our 2015 hit interview (nominated for “Podcast of the Year”) and our 2020 conversation.

Naval also co-piloted an interview with Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and renowned investor Chris Dixon.

Please enjoy!

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A transcript of this episode can be found here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#662: David Deutsch and Naval Ravikant — The Structure of Reality, The Importance of Disobedience, The Inevitability of Artificial General Intelligence, Finding the Right Problem, Redefining Wealth, The Foundation of True Knowledge, Harnessing Optimism, Quantum Computing ring, etc.

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Would you like to hear another episode that ponders the nature of reality? Listen to my conversation with Professor Donald Hoffman. It covers the science of consciousness, how perception affects the physical world, holographic models of the universe, panpsychism (and influential panpsychists), cosmological polytopes, and the use of hallucinogens. Discuss Harnessing deeper realities, interacting with conscious agents, QBism, zero-probability that humans have evolved to see reality fully, and more.

#585: Professor Donald Hoffman — A Case for Timeless Reality, Rethinking Death, Panpsychism, QBism, and More

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Scroll down for links and show notes…

Selected links from episodes

  • connect with David Deutsch:

website | | twitter

  • connect with navy lavicant:

website | | twitter | | air chat

Resources provided by NAVAL RAVIKANT

  1. Critical Rationalism Hub: A hub of relevant resources for learning about our critical rationalism.
  2. ToKCast by Brett Hall: A podcast that promotes optimism, limitless progress, and creative critical thinking using the best-known explanations from basic physics and philosophy.
  3. Brett and the Navy Podcast beginning of infinity, part 1, part 2and Interview with David Deutsch.
  4. Airchat Science Channel Where Brett and Naval discuss David’s work.
  5. Philosophy and Reality: An Introduction to Karl Popper Brian McGee
  6. Aaron Stupple’s room on Airchat Read the book chapter by chapter with unique commentary.
  7. The Science of Dos and Don’ts: A Physicist’s Journey Through Counterfactual Lands Kiara Marlette
  8. Interview with Logan Chipkin With Chiara Marlette and other physicists working on constructor theory
  9. Taking Children Seriously website: Everything related to TCS, from what to do in special situations to the deep underlying explanations that tie such parenting styles together.
  10. Lecture by David Deutsch: Chemical scum dreaming of distant quasars

Show memo

  • [08:03] impact structure of reality and beginning of infinity I had it in the navy.
  • [10:07] 4 strands.
  • [13:04] Dispel common misconceptions about science.
  • [19:26] How does knowledge grow?
  • [24:26] Benefits of understanding four strands.
  • [32:47] How did quantum computing emerge from attempts to test multiverse theory?
  • [37:40] What a nice explanation.
  • [42:43] How do speculation and criticism give us grounds for optimism?
  • [48:38] Put knowledge into action.
  • [51:20] Comparing artificial intelligence (AI) and artificial general intelligence (AGI).
  • [56:54] AGI is a person! But how do you ensure that they are good people?
  • [1:03:03] Why is AGI taking so long to get here?
  • [1:08:59] Chemical scum dreaming of distant quasars.
  • [1:17:47] Are humans at the center of the universe or just a sideshow?
  • [1:20:17] wealth and resources.
  • [1:25:30] recommended thinkers.
  • [1:28:05] Take Children Seriously, ToKCast, Critical Rationalist, Popper 101.
  • [1:31:55] David’s most interesting problem right now.
  • [1:39:24] parting thoughts.

More David Deutch Quotes from Interviews

“In many ways, our agency is smarter than we are.”
— David Deutsch

“AI [artificial intelligence] nothing to do with AGI [artificial general intelligence]This is a completely different technology, and in many ways the exact opposite of AGI. AGI can do anything, but AI can only do the narrow things it should. “
— David Deutsch

“Even the most careful scientific observations are all based in theory, and theory is inherently fallible.”
— David Deutsch

“Good explanations start with bad explanations. And between bad and good explanations, by criticizing, guessing the variance of the stories, criticizing both them and the original story, and choosing the ones that survive the criticism.” , and you get there, and from there you can go on to something better.”
— David Deutsch

“Knowledge resides within our DNA and genes, and the correct and useful genes are replicated not only in the Universe, but also in the Multiverse.”
— David Deutsch

“Wealth is not a number. there is no.
— David Deutsch

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