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Destiny 2 Quietly Changes Vagina Armband

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Concept art shows a Warlock armband.

image: bungee

destiny 2 I got a lot of hotfixes since light fall The expansion started a few weeks ago and But nothing like yesterday’s updateA fix not mentioned in the patch notes has secretly altered the game’s latest Warlock armband armor to look less like a vagina.

Bond of Detestation is a class item that drops from. destiny 2New Route of Nightmare Raids in It comes out on March 10th and focuses on Nezarec, the old apprentice of the game’s archenemy, The Witness. Until Thursday, it could have been mistaken for an alien Fleshlight, mainly due to the small horizontal slit in the front.

It looks like an eyeball, but it’s not. The resemblance to the vulva was especially noticeable when certain shaders were applied. Players suggested all sorts of names, including Witnussy, Nezussy, and Nezzylight, but “Bondussy” was the one that stuck.

As first reported by forbesPaul Tassi, Bungie has now stepped in to take the horns down a notch. The biggest change from the patch notes was a fix to the infamous Thresher his gunship that was killing players across the solar system. What wasn’t mentioned entirely was the fact that the hotfix removed Bondassy’s slit to make it look much more muted.

Stealth content changes and visual tweaks like this are rare. destiny 2 The community is very sensitive to every small change in its sci-fi universe.bungee Part of the armor was removed in 2017 Because there was an alt-right symbol with Nazi origins. Bondussy wasn’t hate speech, but it was clear that Bungie’s raid went against the wider artistic intent of his armor. Or maybe the studio just didn’t like the nickname “Bondassie”.

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