Home Personal Development David Maisel of Marvel Studios Fame — Never-Before-Heard Tales of Hollywood Dealmaking, The Art of Aiming Big, Lessons from Power Broker Michael Ovitz, Combining Business Smarts with Street Smarts, The Making (and Importance) of Iron Man, Selling to Disney for $4 Billion, and Much More (#676)

David Maisel of Marvel Studios Fame — Never-Before-Heard Tales of Hollywood Dealmaking, The Art of Aiming Big, Lessons from Power Broker Michael Ovitz, Combining Business Smarts with Street Smarts, The Making (and Importance) of Iron Man, Selling to Disney for $4 Billion, and Much More (#676)

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“Have a vision, go towards it, be it creative, business, political or fundraising, and turn the necessary dials to make it happen.”

— David Maisel

David Maisel (@maiseldavid) is the founder of Mythos Studio and former founding chairman of Marvel Studios. In 2003, David pitched Marvel the idea of ​​making their own film in the Marvel-funded and connected cinematic universe.he continued to executive produce iron man, Incredible Hulk, iron man 2, Thor, Captain America/The First Avenger, and angry birds movie. In 2009, David arranged to sell Marvel to Disney for $4 billion.

David is currently the founder of Mythos Studios, an IP entertainment studio.of Ecos Genesis Art Collectionis an all 1/1 original handmade digital art and the first product of the upcoming Ekos Universe.

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#676: David Maisel of Marvel Studios Fame — A never-before-heard tale of Hollywood dealmaking, how to go big, lessons from power broker Michael Ovitz, business smarts and street style. Combining Smartness, Iron Man’s Origin (and Importance), Sold to Disney for Over $4 Billion

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  • connect with David Maisel:

twitter | Instagram

  • connect with Mythos Studio/Ecos:

website | twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Show memo

  • [09:25] Michael Orvitz.
  • [17:00] How did David become Michael’s right-hand man?
  • [25:12] creative interest.
  • [26:14] When David got hooked on cartoons.
  • [28:34] Early Hollywood Lessons — Learned and Taught.
  • [35:43] A resource for anyone wanting to work in the entertainment industry.
  • [39:20] How Marvel enters this world.
  • [48:11] A detour to a Broadway theater.
  • [54:51] Production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
  • [1:28:26] Why start an MCU iron man?
  • [1:31:56] Decision between development and deployment.
  • [1:36:18] Biggest challenge.
  • [1:39:45] Animated feature film.
  • [1:41:14] It’s not just a cute suit.
  • [1:47:20] Five stars for Favreau.
  • [1:48:48] Why didn’t David do more PR until recently?
  • [1:53:24] amazing success of iron man.
  • [1:59:45] Correspondence and Correspondence with Bob Iger.
  • [2:08:50] Ron Burkle.
  • [2:10:35] A big sale to Disney is complete.
  • [2:14:36] Recommended reading.
  • [2:15:17] Build new myths and legacies in a post-MCU world.
  • [2:21:12] parting thoughts.

More quotes from David Maisel’s interview

“Part of managing creativity is knowing when to put yourself in the spotlight and when to get the most out of others.”
— David Maisel

“Have a vision, go towards it, be creative, be it business, be it politics, be it fundraising, turn the dial and make it happen.”
— David Maisel

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