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D&D maker promises to get player feedback for coming “open” license update

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Expanding / Wizards of the Coast and D&D Community on proposed OGL updates.

When Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced proposed changes to its decades-old Open Gaming License (OGL), most average players and smaller creators Leaked copy of version sent to major content makerWotC now promises that future changes will be made through a “more open and transparent” process and will start a “robust conversation” about the new proposal.

of Posting on the D&D Beyond forum Today, WotC Executive Producer Kyle Brink wrote that a “newly proposed OGL document” will be published by Friday, January 20th. and open response fields.

WotC compared the process using the new process Unearthed Arcana Document PlaytestThis is often used to solicit feedback on poorly tested draft mechanics or gameplay ideas. Upon completion of his new OGL research, Brink says his WotC will “summarize, analyze, react and present what we hear from you.”

I’m sorry (noticing)

Brink revealed several types of fan-generated content that the new OGL will not explicitly affect. This includes videos, subscription services (such as paid Dungeon Master services), and virtual tabletop content.I repeated the brink WotC’s Recent Promise The new OGL does not charge royalties, does not affect existing content licensed under OGL 1.0a, and does not require creative content to be licensed back to WotC (inconsistent with leaked version of OGL 1.1). all the elements that were

Brink’s post also offers WotC’s most direct apology yet for the OGL debacle. Leading many tabletop publishers to abandon WotC in the last few weeks.

“Sorry,” Brink wrote. “We misunderstood it. The language and requirements of the OGL draft were disruptive to creators, protecting and nurturing an inclusive play environment, and undermining our primary goal of limiting OGL to TTRPGs. We didn’t support it, and we hurt fans and creators when more frequent and clear communication could have prevented so much.

Blink post and Other WotC communications It calls the leaked OGL 1.1 a “draft” shared with major content creators. distributed with a contract allegedly Your signature is due When Pre-negotiated preferential terms for some funding sources.

“Wizards is trying to say that the OGL 1.1 we saw was a draft they sent in for feedback. That’s a lie,” Major said. D&D creator gryphon saddlebag said on Instagram last week. “WotC never asked for feedback or said it was a draft or any of these things….The problem is, no one has signed it.

Wizards of the Coast has not responded to Ars Technica’s request for comment regarding the ongoing controversy surrounding OGL changes.

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