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How to Brighten Your Morning (and Whole Day): 7 Powerful Habits

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How to Brighten Your Morning (and All Day): 7 Powerful Habits

“When you wake up in the morning, think about what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius

An alarm bell rings. You open your eyes slowly.

A new day is ahead of you.

A day of unexplored possibilities and opportunities. What can you do to increase your chances of having a positive and good day?

Today, I would like to briefly share 7 habits that I use to make my mornings and days better.

1. Put a reminder on your bedside table.

How do you start the first minute or minute of your day?

One good way to get off to a good start is to keep a note on your bedside table. This is one of the first things you see after waking up.

Some suggestions for what to write down in your notes:

A low hurdle to happiness.

Write down, “Today I set my happiness bar low.” Read it and try to keep it in mind throughout the day.

This will help you appreciate things more.

The food, the work, the weather, the people, and the little things that happened during the day become things that make you happy instead of being mundane. The little things, or the things that might be taken for granted, are now often something we stop for a moment to understand and appreciate.

Top 3 priorities in your life right now.

A daily reminder of what really matters most is essential to keeping your attention in the right place.

So what is most important to you this year? A project at work? your family? Improve your social life? Your blog, photos, soccer or debt?

Think about it and reduce what’s important in your life to your top three most important priorities.

2. Give one heartfelt compliment.

A heartfelt compliment in the morning to your partner, family, friend or colleague not only brightens up their day, but also makes yours a little brighter and happier.

So take advantage of what you can appreciate about that person in your life. Then tell him or her that.

If possible, make it a little unexpected and something the person hasn’t heard 100 times.

For example, a compliment about her great taste in music or a great deal with animals can be more appreciated and stronger than a compliment about her looks or other superficial things.

3. Actively take in information while having breakfast.

Instead of watching the news or reading the newspaper to start a negative and depressing day, do something that inspires you.

  • Read a new post or two from a positive, interesting A blog or website that inspires you.
  • Read a book chapter that inspires you (or some quote that motivates you).
  • Or have fun and warm conversations with the people around the kitchen table.

4. Start your work with the most important task of the day.

Then the rest of the day will be lighter and easier. As you move on to other tasks, you will feel better and more confident about yourself.

If you have trouble starting your most important task, make a deal with yourself to work on it for three minutes. Then you can stop it if you want.

But once you start, you may not want to. That seems to be the case with me most of the time.

Getting started is often the hardest part. So make that part easy for yourself.

5. Go slow.

A little slowing down will help you focus fully, keep your stress under control, and in most cases, you’ll do a better job the first time.

I work with greater clarity and am no longer bogged down by frequent busy tasks.

It may feel like you’re not getting enough done, but you’ll usually get more quality work done at the end of the day than if you were trying to stay fast throughout the day.

Partly because of the low stress levels, my mind stays fresh and energized even during the last few afternoon hours of the workday.

Please go a little slower. See how it works.

6. Exercise.

Well mentioned and for good reason. It has many positive benefits.

Working out a few times a week boosts your energy, lowers your inner doubts and tensions, makes you more determined, and makes you feel more optimistic.

And all that makes the rest of the day lighter.

It is highly recommended to do some exercise in the morning. If you can’t go to the gym or work out early in the morning at home, you can walk or bike to work or school.

7. Do the right thing, big or small.

this will boost your self esteemIt brings spring under your feet and at least makes me feel happy.

So what you are thinking deeply about is correct.

Some examples that may resonate with you:

  • Randomly perform a kind action. Hold the door or point the way for those who are lost.
  • Help someone actually or just by listening.
  • Start by putting a dent in your life’s most important challenge.

Just take small steps, build from small things as needed. Start building an upward spiral of positivity and good emotions. And aim higher.

Head towards what you really want and what you know is right for you in your life.

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