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Dear Military Wife, You’re Not Alone

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To military wives and those who want to love, support and encourage her, this is for you.

Life is not always a bowl of juicy peaches, sweet cherries, or fresh wood-ripened mangoes. However, many wives refuse to discuss the topics scattered about their experiences and memories.

It’s as quiet as sea fog, but we bare it and walk. Because tradition thinks we should.

A concept has spilled over into the military and civilian worlds. Military wives are a strong batch. don’t spoil them.

With pride in our hearts, we military wives carry the burden of the world spinning a dozen virtual dishes. No one falls. Our repair know-how seems to flow better than Bob Billa’s. If anyone faced Chuck Norris, it would be the military spouse. So it seems to be this much-touted notion that military wives are all sorts of women. .

Because that’s what military wives do.

or is it?

We feel the pressure to always stand 100% strong, never flinch or see weakness in the cracks of the sun, let alone shine brightly on everyone.

Because it is expected. But by whom?

Are we falling prey to those thoughts? self-sufficiency, shame, or Bending us towards pride?

Army wives, you are not alone.

Don’t get hung up on concepts. It’s okay to teeter on weak knees, raise your hands for help, and show off your packed vulnerabilities for too long.

Because when we are weak, he is strong.

You are not alone. Trust this. Our Father does not abandon those he loves.

Military wives sometimes feel heavy. The worn and torn, I’m ready to fall apart, I can’t chorus, heard in replays, can almost drive us crazy. But listen to the truth and you will find hope.

we are not alone. God is with you.

We can expose our weaknesses and imperfections to the light of day. Because we often witness the power and work of God.

After a rough trip, I just realized this.

In 2006, my husband took over. again. We were building a house on land in rural North Carolina. The slow-paced country life she so desperately wanted to offer her three children was becoming a reality. The house was due to be completed before her husband shipped it. Instead, we faced multiple construction delays, and I had to sell my existing home, close my new one, and move out with my three kids. Tagged together, there was a long punch list of items headlined by mineral issues in water that left me baffled. It has become a spiral.

Adding to this list of issues, my husband and I felt the Lord was guiding us to homeschool our children. My selfish tendencies longed for those quiet moments while the oldest was in school. Erase it with homeschooling. What about “me” time? In the end, I become a pseudo-single parent.

I focused on the negatives compared to the great opportunities we faced.Negative self-talk became the norm.

Other wives can handle this. why couldn’t you?

Why did I react like a deer in my headlights to every new problem?

Will history recognize me as the only weak military wife in the world?

But somehow a declaration of godly submission surfaced. Oh my god, I’ll obey God no matter what. Buckle up your seatbelt. Pull up the bootstrap. I was a military wife. Pride and self-sufficiency took over the wheel. again.

So I left my husband half a world away, punch list in hand, and the kids on my heels.

I refused to ask for help or share my struggles.

And the spiral continued.

Several friends and distant relatives expressed concern. I kept them at bay. Is it unbearable for everyday life? others did. I decided to bring the world together at all costs while her husband was away.

So I kept pushing forward, only to find that one night the weight was heavier than normal. I stood by my bed and thought about finishing it all. Loneliness haunted me. despair and fatigue. I needed a way out of the burden. It seemed like I had no other choice in life.

The lie advertised the product. Shame piled on top of that because “good” Christians don’t wobble like I do. of course.

The enemy has woven those thoughts, woven the idea that they can kill, steal, and destroy. After all, it is a ruse of Satan. As children of God, we must resist this deception. Jesus ChristAnd sometimes Aaron and Hur defeated the Amalekites, as they did Moses when Joshua fought (exodus 17), you need a fellow arm holder. others. people. And God who strengthens us to win spiritual battles.

That night, I curled up in bed and continued through the deployment. I thank God

I never sought outside help, but I should have. Over the months, wisdom from Heaven brought healing. We left Carolina’s home and headed to Joint Base Hickam Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. So, through a conversation with the wife of a fellow Navy member, I realized the truth. Other spouses are also struggling.

In the end, I realized that I wasn’t broken or weak. And definitely not alone.

These women are battling emotional depression, feelings of overwhelm and weakness, fatigue, and even depression, the “d” word. It happens, and it’s okay to not have it all together—to need and ask for help.

Because when we are weak, he is strong. And the power of God makes mankind pale. Friend, under his wings we rest safely. We are wise to run to him.

Some practical tips include finding a local friend or two. Try it in your church, small group, mothers, military organization, or neighborhood. Wisdom opens the door to sharing our daily lives with authenticity and transparency. Prayer is helpful, as is digging into God’s Word. The same goes for swapping babysitting services with a trusted friend and going the extra mile to get help.

For those who love and want to see their military spouses succeed, who regularly provide help and take action. Don’t wait, bring that meal. listen. Help put up the Christmas tree, or offer to watch the kids while they’re at the doctor’s office or grocery shopping. mow the garden Because true friends challenge us and whisper hard truths when others don’t.

National Military Appreciation Month and Mental Health Awareness Month take place in May. 12th is also Military Spouses Appreciation Day. So know that the day has come and you will be appreciated for the remaining 364 days of each year, military wives. Way to go.

God is watching you and is near you. friends too.

Stay strong with his mighty power and keep doing beautiful things. Thanks to Christ, you got this, even if a few pieces fell off along the way.

“‘Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.'” Amen. (Matthew 28:20 web)

With gratitude to the King of Kings,


Photo credit: ©Pexels/Wyatt

Christy Woods Writer, podcaster, speaker, but primarily Jesus Girl.she offers free 30 days psalm Take a deeper walk with God with Bible reading plans, Bible studies, prayers, and other faith-building tools. www.KristiWoods.netAlso, her new podcast, Intentional living with Christy Woods at LifeAudio.com. Her handsome husband, Christy, a navy veteran, and her three children survived nomadic military life and put down roots in Oklahoma. She keeps a close eye on the tornado and delicious chocolates there.

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