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Dig Into Our 17 Best Potatoes Recipes of All Time

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In my personal experience (and by experience I mean years of eating), many of the best potato recipes have bold flavors and complementary textures that do the simple spud justice. Whether as a snack, side dish, or main course, it’s almost impossible to say no to a potato dish. is an integral part of creating the weekly menu.

One of the best things about potatoes? There are endless ways to enjoy them. Plus, the best recipes require very few ingredients. Need dinner party food that will impress your guests (in the easiest way possible)? Or maybe you want your weeknight meals to be bright and fresh. From fry to Yukon Gold, here are the perfect potato recipes for any occasion.

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The perfect potato recipe for every meal

pesto parmesan potatoes

Why we love it: Roasted potatoes are one of the easiest ways to enjoy all that potatoes have to offer, and these Pesto Parmesan Potatoes are a unique twist on a classic cooking style. Whether you choose to do it or eat it straight from the pan (no judgment required), these tender, flavorful potatoes may become a staple on your weekly menu.

Hero Ingredients: Make it yourself or get it at the store, but the pesto is essential.

Crispy roasted sweet potatoes with yogurt, herbs and all spices

Why we love it: I’ve always been a sweet potato girl. obsessionThey are a great source of nutrients like vitamin A and have a lower glycemic index than white potatoes. increase.

Hero Ingredients: The tangy tartness of Greek yogurt is perfect for balancing the sweet flavors.

Sweet potato crostini

Why we love it: If you can’t get enough of sweet potatoes like me, these sweet potato crostini are just what you’re looking for. Plus, it eliminates bread, so you’ll never feel full while enjoying delicious toppings like goat cheese and smoked salmon.

Hero Ingredients: The toppings are what make these crostini so unique. I recommend anything from honey to pomegranate seeds, but it’s really what your heart desires.

Mashed potatoes and brown sugar cornflake crunch

Why we love it: No matter the season, you may want a cozy autumn vibe. Whenever a craving strikes, this recipe has you covered. But suddenly I can’t get enough.

Hero Ingredients: This recipe wouldn’t be complete without the nostalgia that comes with the crunchiness of cornflakes.

Sweet potato and caramel date salad

Why we love it: Let’s be honest, not everyone gets excited when they see a table salad at a holiday party or weekday dinner. But this recipe? A catalyst for change. With a burst of flavor from pomegranate seeds and a tangy honey and lemon dressing, you’ll catch everyone off guard (in the best possible way).

Hero Ingredients: Lemon makes this dressing stand out.

crispy fingerling potatoes

Why we love it: A perfect combination of mashed and french fries, this recipe has it all. I love serving these with herbs and sour cream.

Hero Ingredients: A drizzle of honey makes for a game-changing topping.

Crispy Sage and Garlic Sweet Potato Fries

Why we love it: There’s no shame in picking up a frozen bag of sweet potato fries and pairing them with an entree when you can elevate them with toppings like fried sage and garlic aioli. Level up your dish.

Hero Ingredients: Fresh Parmesan cheese creates the subtle richness that makes these French fries perfect.

Pre-emptive vegan mashed potatoes

Why we love it: Who doesn’t like a good appetizer meal? (Especially if that meal includes potatoes). The natural texture of Yukon potatoes is creamy and soft, and with just olive oil, you can make the perfect vegan snack or side dish.

Hero Ingredients: We love the freshness of rosemary sprigs to spice up these spuds.

Crispy potatoes with salt and vinegar

Why we love it: Salt and vinegar is a flavor combination that we all know and love. When baking, make sure you have enough space (and patience) for these potatoes to get the perfect crispness.

Hero Ingredients: Salt and vinegar, not one or the other. Together, we’ll make the crispy potatoes of your dreams.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Whipped Feta Cheese and Hot Honey

Why we love it: Hot honey was one of my favorite food trends coming in 2022. I would love for him to adopt it in 2023. Best roast potato recipe out there.

Hero Ingredients: If I couldn’t stress enough, it’s hot honey.

Sweet potato falafel veggie burger

Why we love it: If you’ve never had a sweet potato burger before, now’s your chance! These burgers are light, delicious, and the perfect spring sandwich for an afternoon picnic.

Hero Ingredients: Chili powder adds an addictive kick to these patties.

samosa chart sweet potato fries

Why we love it: This healthier take on samosa chart is nice and tempting. Food editor Suruchi has created this spicy and savory recipe with chaat masala for an easy snack that will satisfy your taste buds.

Hero Ingredients: The chat masala spice blend used in this recipe could become a staple in your pantry.

Spring Herb and Roasted Potato Salad

Why we love it: Fresh spring food is beautiful, often with healthy, hearty ingredients that make us feel great. Add roasted potatoes to a bed of healthy veggies and veggies and drizzle them with a tahini-based dressing to spice up that weekday salad (we know it gets boring).

Hero Ingredients: Tahini ties this potato salad together.

Spicy stuffed sweet potatotoes

Why we love it: Just when you thought sweet potatoes couldn’t get any better, adding a little spice makes them a whole new ball game. brings

Hero Ingredients: If you like things spicy, fresh jalapenos are a must-have topping.

Coconut curry with sweet potato, lemongrass and chicken

Why we love it: Just add some chicken to make this one-pot coconut curry dish your newest weekday staple. There are so many flavors here, all of which stand out on their own.

Hero Ingredients: Sweet potatoes really bring the perfect sweetness to this recipe, making it the ultimate comfort dish.

fall sweet potato stuffing

Why we love it: These sweet potato fillings are simply gorgeous. This recipe combines unique flavors and textures such as chickpeas and tahini for an easy side dish or a delicious main dish.

Hero Ingredients: Crushed goat cheese is always a yes from me.

Grilled sweet potato with chimichurri

Why we love it: Just like sweet potato crushed sweet potatoes, these sweet potatoes are everything you’ve been looking for as the perfect side dish. The chimichurri in this recipe uses a bright, fresh flavor that contrasts with the natural warmth of sweet potatoes.

Hero Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds are the perfect topping for the texture and flavor of the must-have.

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