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Dokapon Kingdom: Connect debut trailer, screenshots

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the publisher compilation heart and developer Sting Released the first trailer and screenshots, Official website for Dokapon Kingdom Connect, newly announced Remastered from 2007 release party games Dokapon Kingdom. it boots for switch 4 people online multiplayer Supported in Japan on April 13th.

Here’s an overview of the game:


Board game X RPGs. this is Dokapon Kingdom Connect.

The only condition for victory is to earn more money than anyone else. The player becomes a “hero” and aims to be a “hero who earns more than anyone else”.

The rules are simple. Stop and move the spinner and follow the space instructions.

Defeat monsters, get items and treasures, change jobs, get robbed by strange characters, steal your friends’ money… No mercy for your friends and family! Anything goes prank battle begins now!


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Dokapon, where people enjoyed nothing but money. The golden spectacle, the soothing clink of a full purse, the metallic taste of freshly minted coins…everyone loved their cash, but no one loved it more than the King.

One day, a monster suddenly attacks the town of Dokapon Kingdom. These monsters stole people’s money for their own mysterious reasons, leaving the people so poor that they could no longer pay taxes to the king.

The King wept over the plight and income of his people and called on heroes around the world to free his people from the monsters. The reward for this dangerous task is the hand of the beautiful Princess Penny in marriage and the throne of the Kingdom of Dokapon!

A journey full of danger, intrigue, betrayal and ruthless cash is about to begin!

Check out the trailer below. View screenshots in the gallery.

Released the trailer

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