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Dr. Kelly Starrett — The Magic of Movement and Mobility, Training for Range of Motion, Breathing for Back Pain, Improving Your Balance, and More (#664)

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“Be consistent before you become a hero.”

— Kelly Starrett

Kelly Starrett, DPT (@thereadystate) One of my favorite performance coaches. When I have a problem that other people can’t solve, I call Kelly. It is also a treasure trove of one-liners.

he with his wife Julietco-founder Ready stateReady State began as MobilityWOD in 2008 and has transformed the field of performance therapy and self-care.

Kelly’s clients include professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. He has also worked with Olympic gold medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world and national record-holding Olympic lifting and power athletes, CrossFit Games medalists, professional ballet dancers, elite military personnel, and more. We are cooperating.

Kelly is the author of new york times and wall street journal best seller Become a supple leopard and ready to runhis new book is Built to Move: 10 Essential Habits to Move Freely and Live a Full Lifeco-authored Juliet Starlet.

Juliette was the US National Champion of Extreme Whitewater Racing from 1997-2000 and the World Champion from 1997-1998. He returned to the sport in 2018 and became World He Champion in the Masters division.

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#664: Dr. Kelly Starrett — The Magic of Movement and Mobility, Range of Motion Training, Breathing for Back Pain, Improving Balance and More

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Want to hear Kelly’s first appearance on this podcast? Check out his conversation with Dr. Justin Mager. There, we discuss the difference between being healthy and thriving, the physiology periphery, going beyond “optimal” performance, modifying circadian rhythms during travel, pattern recognition, and ways to improve talent acquisition. We discussed “chunking”. Kelly’s mattress selection, parasympathetic system reboot, and more.

#3: Kelly Starrett and Dr. Justin Mager

What’s your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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  • seek Ready state online:

website | | twitter | | Instagram

Show memo

  • [08:05] Where in the world are Kelly and Tim?
  • [13:34] A lesson in how our environment shapes us.
  • [19:12] Optimization of age-related vital signs and range of motion.
  • [30:31] Walk and fidget more for better sleep and body maintenance.
  • [40:37] Balance training: It’s not just for the “elderly”.
  • [50:51] Extension of end range of motion.
  • [54:58] A game where you wear old man’s shoes.
  • [59:50] Airport scanner shoulder test.
  • [1:05:55] A simple corrective exercise.
  • [1:09:44] Tower of London.
  • [1:12:41] Breathing as a mobilization device.
  • [1:19:13] A moderate amount of daily protein.
  • [1:23:09] 800 grams of fruits and vegetables.
  • [1:32:27] don’t do anything But mine doesn’t have to be yours.
  • [1:43:23] We foster a timeless cross-cultural movement in a busy world.
  • [1:53:43] who Designed for freedom of movement for?
  • [1:58:54] parting thoughts.

More Kelly Starrett Quotes From Interviews

“We want to make our day-to-day processes more cohesive by understanding who we are.”
— Kelly Starrett

“Joseph Pilates wasn’t messing around.”
— Kelly Starrett

“The Tower of London had a kneeling torture device. You put your chest over your legs and someone screwed a vise into your back, basically like a wishbone, squeezing your back until you can’t breathe.” But I thought it would be a smart way to get into the upper back, I’ll give it a go…and I discovered [it] It was a really great way to help with the overall flexion of my back. “
— Kelly Starrett

“If you’re riding a Peloton bike and you think you’re killing it, ask yourself, ‘Is there a position on this Peloton bike that allows me to breathe more?’ You start to power up more effectively, because when you see your body functioning better, you see your body outputting better.”
— Kelly Starrett

“I didn’t say, ‘Eat organic bananas.’ will have good health consequences,” he said.
— Kelly Starrett

“Objective measurements of obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, persistent pain, injuries, surgery, depression, etc. show that these tend to be negative. industry and if it’s just to expand that definition a bit instead of making people healthier or expanding fitness other than ‘abs look great on instagram’ then ask another set need to start. Number of questions about this.
— Kelly Starrett

“Be consistent before you become a hero.”
— Kelly Starrett

“A glacier pace is a breakneck pace.”
— Kelly Starrett

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