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Zelda: BOTW’s Eventide Island is one of Nintendo’s best pranks

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild It contains 120 temples scattered across all sections of Hyrule, many of which are in the open, exposed to the elements on hilltops or resting in quiet valleys. However, some are completely hidden, waiting to complete quests and puzzles before emerging from the ground.

In 2023, Polygon embarks on Zeldathon. Join us on the journey of The Legend of Zelda series, from his original 1986 game to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

now playing Breath of the Wild while waiting The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, I recently had another run at the Korg Chide shrine. To access it, I had to travel to Eventide Island and go through one of the toughest quest lines in an open world game. It’s laudable in terms of level design, but it also shows Nintendo’s twisted sense of humor. It’s a booby-trapped, Hitman-esque level where the odds are piled high against you, and it’s amazing.

So far away that it seems out of reach.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Getting to Eventide Island couldn’t be easier. It’s an empty spot along the southeast coast of the game’s huge map, and if you’d never heard of it by word of mouth, you might not have stumbled upon it unless exploring it out of curiosity alone. You can fly there (but this takes a lot of stamina) or you can use a raft. The only way to leave is to swim back to the mainland. very creative.

Once you land on the island, the quest’s rules will be displayed on the screen: Move 3 orbs to different locations to win. Simple enough. However, there are some strict conditions. The game takes away weapons, shields, armor, food, and all other stat boosting supplements. I need to find new gear on the island. To make things even more difficult, this quest disables the ability to save your game, so when you die you lose everything (again).

Even if you don’t wear anything, you can feel the breath of the wild on Eventide Island.

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Even having a Sheikah Slate and its runes (a bag of tricks you got in the early game) seems unfair at first. This means you can blast things with bombs, create underwater ice platforms with Cryonis, temporarily lock enemies and obstacles with Stasis, and telekinetically pull magnetic objects with Magnesis. That said, this can be a particularly difficult quest if you’re more comfortable fighting with decomposable weapons than Link’s reusable runes.

Defeating each cluster of enemies requires a firm grasp on all of them Breath of the Wildgame mechanics — particularly stealth, luring enemies into traps, and brutal precision with bows and bombs. I need to know how to do the most damage with a crappy weapon that breaks quickly. You need to know how to backstab low-key enemies, pull off crucial headshots, distract yourself, and even use the environment to your advantage.

Depending on your skill level, traversing Eventide Island can take several hours and restart. With each new attempt at this semi-roguelike experience, you lose your equipment, but your knowledge of the layout of the island remains. We don’t pretend to win on knowledge alone. There will be at least one gamer frenzy moment when dealing with some fidgety physics, or when overwhelming numbers of enemies stand in the way of an orb. Reaching the shrine is one of the most rewarding moments. Breath of the Wild Must provide.

i will admit it. You gotta do what you gotta do!

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

It’s been about six years since I first visited Eventide Island, and my appreciation for its design has only grown. It’s a fun and hard sandbox. Breath of the WildMany game systems work with Symphony. Most of all, I love how this quest plays with the game’s relationship with the player. Just know you might get your butt kicked in the process—until the moment you triumph.

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