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what are you reading lately?

I always love psychological thrillers, but I can’t that too I’m scared because I sleep alone at night and I’m lazy.Luckily, Emma Klein’s second novel customerA perfect non-killer that came out this month, violently A propulsive thriller. I couldn’t let it go, and the whole week I was reading it, everything around me felt spooky (do you know how that could be?), but in a fun way.

The assumptions are: 22-year-old Alex lives in New York, has her chaperone job, and her roommates are trying to kick her out. She meets a wealthy older man at a restaurant and he invites her to the Hamptons for August. But now that he has broken off her relationship, she has to figure out a way to stay in the East for another week, even though she has no friends, no money, and no place to live. how? She’s a champion grifter, going in and out of parties, homes, and beach clubs. But how long will she last? The whole book is a tense tone poem that incorporates danger, sexuality, money, class, power, and the ability to make yourself visible or invisible as you see fit. Vogue magazine described it as “captivating”. “It’s smoldering,” said WaPo. The New York Times described it as “sharp as a scalpel.”

Guest by Emma Klein

Bottom line, I breathed it in, and I think you do too. (Also great for reading on the beach!)

what about you? what are you reading lately? I would love to hear from you.I also really liked Connie Wang’s memoir Oh my mother! Samantha Irby’s Hilarious Essay quietly hostileand I’m currently reading Chapter 2 of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. trust By Hernan Diaz. (Now that my child is older, I feel like I can finally read books!) #Renaissance)

PS There are more books that we love, such as very scary books and dark and funny novels that you can’t help but think about.

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