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Hands-on with Samsung’s 140-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2023

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Last updated: Jan 8, 2023 20:53 UTC+01:00

Samsung Display has pushed its limits Micro LED Television technology again.and CES 2023, the consumer electronics giant unveiled a new line of 4K Micro LED TVs. This currently includes a sizable 140-inch model. The company hasn’t revealed too many details about the new range, but we got a chance to see these new Micro LED TVs first hand and share a little bit of our experience in the new hands-on video. You can see it below.

Samsung’s new Micro LED TV lineup announced at CES 2023 included seven sizes: 50, 63, 76, 89, 101, 114, and 140 inches. The latter is truly a sight to behold, even more impressive in person than on camera.

The lineup is divided into CX models and non-CS models

Samsung hasn’t said much about its plans for a Micro LED TV series for 2023, but the company plans to divide the series into two categories: CX models and non-CX models.

The CX variant is more premium, boasting a panel with a higher refresh rate of 240Hz.Specs are unclear for the non-CX models, but we expect a refresh rate of 120Hz for these models.

Additionally, the CX models have multi-view capabilities, displaying content from up to four HDMI inputs simultaneously. This feature works best on the larger 140 inch model.

Samsung’s 2023 Micro LED TVs, whether CX or non-CX, all feature 4K UHD resolution and six HDMI inputs, although the number of these inputs based on HDMI 2.1 configurations is unknown.

apart from samsung Despite showing seven Micro LED TV variants at CES 2023, it’s not entirely clear if the company will release 50-inch and 63-inch formats. However, the 76-inch and larger variants are expected to hit the market in Q2 2023.

To learn more about Samsung’s new Micro LED TV line, watch the hands-on video below. Stay tuned for more details on CES.

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