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Happy 13th Birthday, Toby!!! | Cup of Jo

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Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

Today our first baby, Toby, turns 13. I’m a teenager! What time is it? Here are 13 countless reasons why we adore him…

The Birth Story of Joanna Goddard Toby

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

1. He stole my heart from the beginning.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

2. He is a master nap, and like a puppy he sometimes asks me to sit at his feet and read a book.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

3. He is always on adventures.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

4. He had a pleasant talk at dinner and recently ordered “pizza to the table.” *waving in a circle*

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

5. Being the oldest, he is very kind to all his younger cousins.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

6. And somehow twins with the second son.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

7. He is the ultimate city boy.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

8. But you can also relax with the best.

happy 13th birthday toby

9. He is good card game opponent. Just don’t expect him to win.

happy 13th birthday toby

10. He’s cute even when he’s grumpy (especially?).

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

11. He is very cheerful on the phone.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

12. He’s brave in many ways, including when he’s getting a haircut.

Happy 13th birthday, Toby!

13. And he’s the ultimate fan! He regularly rides the Jumbotron at games, and we joke he’s the hype man at home too. He will walk into the room and say, “Who’s looking forward to dinner????”

We love you dearly, Toves!!!!!! We are so lucky. plus, I will post some more pictures on Instagram.

PS Toby’s birth story and conversation between Toby and Anton.

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