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Harry & Meghan Grab Sushi, Pregnancy Rumors Seemingly Debunked

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Harry & Duchess Meghan

something suspicious (for dinner) …

Are the Prego Rumors True?

Megan Markle Pregnancy rumors have been swirling online for the past few weeks, but she says prince harry Apparently had it for dinner… those seem to be BS.

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Santa Barbara on Friday, witnesses said they emerged from a restaurant called Sushi Bar, a stone’s throw from where they live in Montecito. It is said that it was only Of course, some degree of security was in place.

As you can see, the couple left the property with big smiles on their faces. And from the neighboring Montecito he is said to have turned the corner to board his waiting SVU, which was parked near the Inn, and departed from there. Our sources say this was around 7pm Pacific time.

We don’t know if they actually ate anything inside, but we suspect they probably did. And given that this shop is obsessed with mostly raw fish, sushi was probably ordered.

Why it’s a big deal… Recently there have been some rumors that MM might be able to bake bread in the oven.There’s also the theory that that might be why she skipped coronation — However, this speculation was further heightened when the photos were released. her hike surfaced last week.

People noticed that she looked like she had something sticking out slightly under her shirt, near her belly…and that served as proof enough for some As believable as she was expecting.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that that little belly that Meg was showing off in the wild was some kind of fanny pack. Online I was pretty sure it might be.

Now that we’ve seen her leave the sushi bar—a food that pregnant women usually pledge not to eat because of the risks it poses to their growing fetus—it feels like we can put that notion to bed.

Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled shows.

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