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Have a Great Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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What are your plans for this weekend?boy and i new Mimi Chen’s Dumplings In Brooklyn, we’re already hungry.Also we saw music sound Being with you this week almost broke my mom’s heart.just fast forward one boring partHope you have a good one.Here are some fun links on the web…

Summarized Mother’s Day gift information At my favorite New York jewelry store. (how nice this ring?)

keep an eye on flickering.

Would you like to sleep in this beautiful bedroom?

Justin Bateman thinks her aging face looks “rad.” strongly agree.

like this hat.Related,smile)

divorce cake.

have you tried this sleep tool? Very intriguing.?

hmm green minestrone.

My preference is basic. so what?’ When someone mocked Samantha Irby’s favorite store, she responded, Love it! ‘ …a new person was born that day. I’m an upgraded version of myself that’s no longer embarrassed by clever pants teasing John Grisham novels out of a backpack.I can’t live in hell and Networks I have no affiliation with make excuses to voraciously consume crappy reality shows produced by people I personally don’t know. You can use “Like”. (exclamation point required) Whenever a freak questions the normal ass you enjoy, it swipes your leg from underneath them every time.

dig spring stripes.

This 13 minute love story About a typographer from London who stutters beautifully.

Additionally, four reader comments:

In her Mother’s Day gift guide, Claire says: The list included having a dog as a child, passing on her love of music, taking me to the library all the time, “only one thing at a time” or ” There were 40 things like “many hands do light work” etc. Also recent gratitude. It has done me a lot of good, too, so I will do it again this year. “

Lucy says about your relationship status: Now “it” is so easy. So my number one piece of dating advice is don’t settle until it’s simple. “

Madeleine says about your relationship status: Who cares if they like you or not, they’re strangers so I’m not nervous. Just focus on them and you can have a good time. My worst dates were with people who made it clear from the start that they were on the furthest end of the political spectrum from me. Just asking him about (his passion) gave me a lot of useful information! Cheapest building advice ever and a good use of my time lol. “

Here’s what Katie has to say about your relationship:My advice is to tell all your friends that you will come to them if they need advice. friend I was telling you what they thought.

(via celebratory cake) boldness.)

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