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Have a Lovely (Long) Weekend.

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What are your plans for this weekend? We are both traveling and I miss you so much! I feel the hardest part of divorce is all or nothing. When I’m solo with them, I go all out, and I love it. And when they leave, especially on the first day, it feels gloomy. I’m working on transition and hope it’s like a muscle getting stronger. (Any advice from fellow parents?) In the meantime! I hope you have a good time. Enjoy Independence Day. Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate Eid al-Adha. Here are some links from around the web.

I just made my bed with this soft, buttery bedding — My favorite thing to do is shave my legs, climb into clean sheets and read a book.

I tried to eliminate small talk from my daily life.It did not work” (Vice, via kottoke)

wear Wear these nice sandals and dress tonight.

How cool is this Barcelona apartment With a corduroy sofa?

The Supreme Court overturned affirmative action.Ordinary white people can feel safe. “If you want white liberals to stop pretending they care about systemic racism and injustice, they should say that their tutored kids didn’t get into the ‘elite’ schools they wanted. Just tell me…I had white people too. To the person I fell into a coma from a standardized test, tell me it was Affirmative Action that got me into school…any successful black man in this country, especially a traditional elite college. Anyone who has been there knows that feeling. I’m a respected law columnist and best-selling author, but I’m not the simple man who paid $8 on Twitter to imply that I didn’t “earn” a position at Harvard Law School. he can’t spend a week in I graduated 20 years ago.this is it’s irritating — in the sense that it makes me very angry, and in the sense that it interferes with the normal functioning of my brain. If you’ve never walked a mile in my shoes…or the shoes of other blacks who were black and brave and good black, You really don’t know what a white man with firepower looks like. A wet cigarette makes you question your credentials. ” (National)

Children become more manageable Than we praise them.

I made a broccoli melt This week was also delicious.

If you’re looking for beach reading, Jenny says this is it summer book.

i am in love perfume for this summer.

What’s your favorite “game night” game says about you

ha ha it’s the same.

Additionally, two comments from readers:

Annie B has this to say about how to comfort a friend: I didn’t grow up in a very expressive family, so I positively understand the urge to move away from it. However, I have found time and time again that putting pain at the center, asking clear questions, and reflecting in ways that magnify the situation gives people room to open up without feeling criticized. I was. Talking about what hurt you won’t make them feel any worse. They are already hurt and thinking about it. After all, people have so many feelings about their emotions. We are often embarrassed that we are struggling. We are so ashamed to experience normal reactions to difficult situations. It pains me to hear my friends talk about themselves like this, so I do my best to put them out of their troubles, even if only for a moment. If you were shocked, I would be very hurt too. ” Giving permission to feel what the other is feeling is a powerful thing and an important part of friendship. It just takes practice. “

Sandy said of Which Teenager Scene Is Your Favorite? never before. That scene and psychologist Susan David’s words that ‘discomfort is the ticket to a meaningful life’ made me want to go to therapy. “

(Photos of flowers are by farmer’s flower. )

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