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What are your plans for this weekend?My friends are having a holiday party, so I excited to dress up drink bubbles I like to show up early to start the night (and see kids in their pajamas before partygoers arrive). Hope you have a good one.Here are some fun links on the web…

For a larger crowd-pleasing cookie swap, these are Also these are? can not decide.

love love cat bird For a present, for yourself, for someone else.Personal wishlist: this beautiful ring and travel essentials.

podcast episode Can I say mean things? Hilarious.

A French village’s radical vision of a better life with Alzheimer’s“Corridors are designed in loops with no dead ends to reduce confusion. Haircuts are provided at salons, and each house carries groceries to the grocery store or supermarket each day. There are no cash registers, no price tags… In the library of the Village, there is a bright green train that is not tied to anything in particular.The interior of the therapeutic tool is realistic, metal racks for luggage, It’s equipped with a flat-screen TV that plays footage shot from a train rolling through the woods, and on-site psychologist Natalie Bonnet says the travel simulacrum seems to quell the simple desire to be somewhere else. (The New Yorker)

cute These organic cotton pajamas? (Use code COJDEAL to get 20-50% off sitewide through Sunday.)

this dress Feels like a classic Italian movie.

Why White Lotus’ Portia is TV’s best-dressed. “what [costume designer Alex] Bovaird gets Portia so right that she is not a believer who lives for fashion, but a generation of women whose style, or approximation, is exercised like a God-given right. I mean, some people say something about her clothes. Neither her gently awakened suitor nor her hilariously disgusting suitor compliments her exposed abs and beautiful hair. I don’t even hear older men commenting on her looks.

Have you ever traveled with another couple? This story made me laugh.

Trader Joe’s Dos and Don’ts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Two Cleavage MethodsAlso, reader Thomas says, “Use the back of the knife for a clean cut with fewer splinters.”

How great is this New York magazine coverHey Paul Rudd! Hello Emma Stroub! Hi Ramy Youssef! Hey Corn Kid!

I resent the need for a “Marriage Respect Act”“I should be grateful that Congress is taking action to protect my marriage, but actually I am upset about it. Marriages of people also need not be protected. My wife and I have worked, though not always successful, to make this country better for our lives as a whole. If I have the right to, I am here and claim it in my name without qualification or asterisk.”

Additionally, three readers commented:

Annie describes four fun things: I love watching popular shows with people all over the world. I feel like we are all connected. ’ Lee adds: Interview with Mike White fresh air? It was great. “

Caroline says Instagram: “Holiday shopping tips from my kids who cracked the code perfectly: They call it ‘Mom Said No’ shopping. They skip the toy aisle and instead follow me down the aisle with detergent and cosmetics and towels. We’ve got toys… the best games, trinkets, candy, even random dog bones. Someone’s mother said no to everything and left treasure behind. “

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