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Have a Loving Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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Jean Jeremy Goddard Paris

What are your plans for this weekend? I was in Michigan with her mom and found this cute photo of my parents when we were babies.How chic is my mom in mid-section heeled boots? Take notes, 1979 Jean! I hope you have a good one — squeeze your loved ones — and here are some fun links on the web…

found!my new year’s eve Up When Pants.

how wonderful These views from our hotel room?

beauty of friendship: “Same is the most important word in our vocabulary. It means “you are not alone”. It means “you are insane”. Or, “You’re crazy and so am I” (Washington Post)

hmm barbie movie trailerdirected by Greta Gerwig.

the best winter accessoriesforever and always.

Alison Lohmann’s 7 Holiday Entertainment Tipsincluding “No more pitted olives, sorry”.

How to name group text,mother.

love this 10 minute movie About our Brooklyn neighborhood. (New Yorker)

The writer’s boyfriend broke up because I’m a writer: “The ability to look like you’re standing straight but still be able to bend an inch at a time is a useful skill regardless of gender. Most women I know do it regularly. They bend over until they’re pretzels and blame themselves for body pain.I’ve thought about these dynamics a lot, and I’ve written a whole book exploring them. Still, I was there.

very beautiful stamp.

Hunger cauliflower quesadilla.

words to remember.

Additionally, three readers commented:

Diana says about your group text name:

Regarding the cookie exchange Jenny said: Bring your favorites of the year and exchange them for another good book.

Sarah said of Scott’s costume week: Oddly enough, because if asked years ago, I would have said, “I like neutrals!” But suddenly it’s no longer true. Her Cup of Jo post featuring Natasha Pickowicz was a huge catalyst in reshaping how I think about fashion. Also, the post featuring Scott has had a big impact. Aren’t the rules real?? So, in summary, my three fashion inspirations for her are Natasha Picowitz, Sharon Hogan from Catastrophe (IYKYK), and Scott his chalk. Thank you very much Scott! i like your style “

If you’d like to see our complete gift guide for 2022, click here. Have a nice weekend. XO XO

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(Top photo of my parents in Paris in 1979.)

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