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Have a Relaxing Weekend. | Cup of Jo

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Mountain bedroom view

Mountain bedroom view

What are your plans for this weekend? We are making some pies for a school fundraiser. (Maybe this one?) Also, a reader named Em wrote, “I’d love to see a post where her wonderful CoJ readers who own small businesses can link to their shop.” We wholeheartedly agree! Dear readers, please leave a comment about the work. we are thrilled to see i hope you have a good one. Here are some links on the web…

My mother is looking for a new sofa.Recommended Comfy and cute things our family hadand my sister recommended Comfortable and cute things she hasWhich do you choose? ? ?

I want to eat winter pasta.

daddy of fashion. yes! (New York Magazine)

Portia’s outfit from The White Lotus good or bad? (trend)

How my holiday makeup looksincluding perfect cute lipstick.

Stop to check on the crying stranger? My answer: Yes, the airport. Yes, by train. Yes, it’s in a small town. No, not New York. The whole city is your living room. Sometimes I want to go for a walk and cry, but no one notices or cares.

what you do is frown forehead or mouth?

My #1 travel essential To save my laptop/neck/sanity.

new york stock Best TV Shows of 2022(But where are the Bad Sisters?)

Free all-terrain wheelchair Arrived at the state park!

Sofia Coppola bookshelfincluding the book she hopes will be made into a movie: “Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason. I’d love to see a movie directed by Emerald Fennell and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Riz Ahmed.” )

slam dunk stocking stuffer.

Incredible rooms that would be in my mansion if I were rich(This made me laugh for too long.)

My little business cry: I had dinner with you last night my friend ria, and she showered me with support and (welcome) advice about some family/illness/work/social stuff we’re going through right now. I’ve been thinking about I don’t usually make leks like this, but Holy Smoke she’s great.

Additionally, two reader comments:

In the hard-to-find gift guide, Alexa says: Sarah adds: But this year, he makes two envelopes: “The Sure Thing,” which contains $20 in cash, and “The Gamble,” which contains $20 worth of lottery tickets. Let’s see what happens! ” [Ed. note: Genius.]

Silly Lily has this to say about 12 gifts for dads. Cardboard folder with 12 slots, one for each month. Each pocket holds a gift card with a note. For example, November’s $50 supermarket gift card was for Thanksgiving turkey. One year I gave a gift card to a restaurant. In mid-February of that year, she received a call from her mother. It’s been 16 years since she’s gone and she’s still laughable. It’s an expensive gift, but there’s no limit to the amount. An envelope to a grandchild might include the first ice cream cone of the summer for her $10 in June, and the same amount for her hot chocolate while driving around town and watching the streetlights in December. One year we gave out cards for grandchildren to take their parents to breakfast. It was a big hit as it was all under the age of 6. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed at the ideas you come up with. Best of all, avoid an avalanche of toys and extend Christmas all year round. Hope this helps. Have a nice vacation! ”

(Photo by Christine Ellis/Stocksey.)

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