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Here are the first Lego Donkey Kong sets

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Donkey Kong has been around for as long as Mario himself, but this August marks the first time he’s made an official appearance in Lego form. 4 LEGO Donkey Kong set To the ever-expanding LEGO Super Mario lineup.

It’s not full of ladders, hammers and fireballs like the original arcade game.These sets are straight country of donkey kongride with gorilla relatives.

If you want Donkey Kong with his trademark red DK tie around his neck, $60 will set you back a tree house that comes with a hammock and some conga drums played by Donkey, plus Grandpa Cranky Kong.

Some of these parts appear to be from other sets. Check out what actually comes with the set in the image above in this story.
Image: Lego

The biggest set is the $110 Diddy Kong Mine Kart Ride expansion, featuring nephew Diddy in a donkey hat and mechanic Funky Kong’s Airman, a Mole Miner foe with a hidden banana stash, and a dangerous 6 provides both two sections. I’m looking for a truck to ride my cart on.

For the $27 Dixie Kong Jungle Jam, Diddy’s girlfriend takes to the stage with a guitar and Skokes the parrot on vocals.

Sai’s Lambi is $11 and is pretty much a free-standing figure, but if you put the LEGO Super Mario figure on his back, you’ll hear sound effects when he walks or lunges into other blocks, according to LEGO. . I loved blasting through levels with him in the game.

country of donkey kong Nemesis Crocodile King K. Rool I don’t have a set yet, but I think I can challenge Mario anytime.

of Donkey Kong figures join Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, a replica NES, a big question mark block, a giant Bowser set…and as of last week, Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog too. There are many other things to do. For starters, Lego has yet to reveal the rumored first-ever. legend of zelda configuration, not done yet Metroid In brick form, there’s a very ripe area of ​​nostalgia still unconquered by the original Game Boy.

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