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Here’s how to report Roth IRA conversions on your taxes

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If Roth made the conversion to a personal retirement account in 2022, he may need more complex tax returns this season, experts say.

before tax or Non-deductible IRA As it tends to fund Roth IRAs for future tax-free growth, stock market downturn Because you can convert more assets for less money. The trade-off is an upfront tax, but potentially less income by converting a lower value investment.

Jim Guarino, Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director, Baker Newman Neues, Woburn, Massachusetts, said: He is also a certified public accountant.

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If you complete your Roth conversion in 2022, Form 1099-R This includes distributions from the IRA, Guarino said.

I need to submit a moving-in notification Form 8606 To tell the IRS what portion of your Roth conversion is taxable, he said. It can get complicated. (There may be non-deductible contributions to your pre-tax IRA if your income or participation in a workplace retirement plan does not qualify you for full or partial tax relief.)

“I see a lot of people making mistakes here,” Guarino said. The reason is the so-called “pro rata rule”, which requires the sum of his IRA funds before taxes to be included in the calculation.

How prorate rules work

Joan May, CFP and CPA at Forest Asset Management in Berwyn, Illinois, said the pro rata rule is tantamount to adding cream to coffee and not being able to remove it once poured.

“This is exactly what happens when you combine pre-tax and non-deductible IRAs,” she said. This means that the post-tax portion cannot be simply converted.

For example, say you have a pre-tax IRA of $20,000 and made a non-deductible IRA contribution of $6,000 in 2022.

If you convert the entire balance of $26,000, divide $6,000 by $26,000 to calculate the tax-free portion. This means that about 23% or about $6,000 is tax-free and $20,000 is taxable.

Alternatively, suppose you have $1 million in several IRAs and 10% of the total, or $100,000, is a non-deductible contribution. If you convert $30,000, only $3,000 is tax-free and $27,000 is taxable.

Of course, the higher the pre-tax IRA balance, the higher the percentage of taxable conversions, May said. Alternatively, the percentage is reduced for larger non-deductible or Roth IRA balances.

Taxpayers use Form 8606 to report their non-deductible IRA contributions annually to establish a “base” or after-tax balance.

But May cautioned that even professional tax software can easily lose ground after a few years. “It’s a big problem,” she said. “If you miss it, you’re basically paying taxes twice on the same money.”

Conversion timing to avoid “unnecessary” tax increases

“I recommend waiting until the end of the year. sell a house or the end of the year Distribution of mutual funds.

Typically, he aims to “fill the lower tax bill” without bumping someone to the next with loss conversion income.

For example, if a client is in the 12% range, Lucas may limit conversions to avoid spilling to the 22% tier. Otherwise, they will end up paying more for their higher bracket taxable income.

“The last thing we want to do is put someone in an unnecessary tax bracket,” he said. Also, increasing your income may reduce your eligibility for certain tax incentives, Higher Medicare Part B and D Premiums.

Mr. Guarino of Baker Newman Noyes also notes that, before making any Roth conversion determinations, he calculates the numbers, and to know how much of the Roth conversion is taxable income, he “basically performs Form 8606 calculations throughout the year. “There are.”

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