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How Long Will $250,000 Last Me in Retirement?

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SmartAsset: How long will $250,000 last in retirement?
SmartAsset: How long will $250,000 last in retirement?

If $ 1,000,000 If you could live comfortably in retirement, how much would a quarter of that amount be? Retirement is possible with this amount, although detailed planning and sufficient Social Security income are required. Factors to consider are:

a financial adviser It helps you create a financial plan that is aligned with your retirement needs and goals.

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How long will $250,000 last after retirement?

Whether or not your $250,000 retirement savings lasts depends on several factors, including your spending, your return on investment, and your withdrawal strategy. Here’s how to assess these aspects when planning your retirement.

calculate expenses

How much you spend in retirement will determine your ability to live on a particular income.Understanding your lifestyle means being able to identify your lifestyle monthly cost. Therefore, you can sum up your expenses and compare them with your income.

For example, if you paid off your mortgage before retirement and don’t plan to travel, your budget will be lighter. In this case, only property tax, utility expenses, and housing expenses will remain. On average, these expenses add up to about $9,000 per year. However, the cost will vary depending on the location.

Furthermore, your Average life is an important factor. For example, if he retires at age 67 and expects to live to age 80, he will have 13 years after retirement. Therefore, multiply your annual cost of living by 13 to get an estimate of your total retirement costs.

However, this number is not very accurate. inflation The cost of living increases year by year. A more accurate result can be obtained by simulating inflation by increasing annual spending by 3% each year. For example, a $40,000 budget the next year he increases to $41,200. In his thirteenth year, the equivalent starting cost of living would cost him $58,741.

Next, Medical bills Retirement is inevitable. From Medicare premiums to out-of-pocket costs, there are annual medical costs. Therefore, experts advise planning to spend 15% of your money on medical expenses. So for a $250,000 nest egg, this cost would specify at least $37,500.

estimated rate of return

SmartAsset: How long will $250,000 last in retirement?
SmartAsset: How long will $250,000 last in retirement?

The rate of return also affects how long a $250,000 nest egg will last. For example, a 3% return would earn him $7,500 a year, and a 7% return would earn him $17,500. A small change in this percentage can lead to several more years of income, so maximizing your rate of return is important. You can do this using the following retirement accounts:

  • invest through personal retirement account (IRA) or 401(k) can provide greater gain. for example, portfolio Investing in the S&P 500 Index has delivered an average annual return of 10% since its inception. Assuming 3% inflation and 0.5% management fees, $250,000 yields $16,250 in annual revenue. This means you will have less principal to withdraw and your funds will last longer.
  • Ann pension Even after you retire, you can pay a lifetime security deposit. In other words, if you buy a contract for $250,000, you will receive monthly checks from this asset for the rest of your life. Purchasing an immediate payment annuity reduces your monthly payments. Conversely, late payments will result in higher fees. If you buy a pension at age 45 and retire at age 65, you will receive $2,475 per month forever.
  • Rising interest rates have made bank accounts a viable way to save for retirement. in particular, high yield savings account The interest rate is 4%. The advantage is that you can make money on stocks, real estate and other assets without risk.

Pinpoint withdrawal strategy

Your withdrawal strategy affects how long your money lasts. For example, waiting until he is 59.5 or older to withdraw money from an IRA or 401(k) means avoidance. early withdrawal penalty.

It is best not to initiate withdrawals when the stock market is falling. under. For example, a 20% loss in your retirement account could shrink your nest fund down to his $200,000. In such a situation, your retirement start will go wrong and withdrawing your money will result in even greater losses.

In addition, it is advantageous to adjust the withdrawal social security Dividends supplement your income. For example, if he retires at 65 instead of 62, he can increase his Social Security checks by 24%.

So a $2,500 monthly check at age 62 will be about $3,100 at age 65. That’s more than his $7,200 in annual income that he could receive in Social Security benefits instead of receiving it from his retirement account.

Other factors to consider

SmartAsset: How long will $250,000 last in retirement?
SmartAsset: How long will $250,000 last in retirement?


no one knows how long they are retirement Long lasting. But in general, it’s safe to assume that retirement will last at least 20 years. Americans are living longer because of advances in medicine, and they may live longer in retirement. Therefore, it is important to live within your income during the golden years.

market volatility

The stock market is never without risk. Therefore, the longer you are exposed to economic ups and downs, the greater the risk of losing your retirement benefits. In general, it is advisable to shift investments in a conservative direction after retirement. So diversifying your portfolio is a great idea, as is investing heavily in things like: bondspreferred stock and money market funds.

How to get the most out of your retirement savings

Extending your retirement savings for as long as possible will help you live a long and comfortable retirement.

follow the 4% rule

Limiting your annual withdrawals to 4% of your nest egg can often keep your money for decades. The 4% rule means relying on your strength. retirement Raise funds with a target annual return of 4%. Therefore, he will invest $250,000 in a method that yields an average return of 4%, or $10,000.

Withdrawal adjustment

On the other hand, if investment returns decline, the 4% rule will not help.during the market volatility, your nest egg will struggle to make a profit. This scenario means that if you withdraw $10,000, you keep the principal, which means less future earning power.

Therefore, it is better to save money if possible. Doing so will restore your retirement account and give you the opportunity to generate a decent income in the future.

guarantee the basics

Once you know yourself essential expensesYou will see how easy it is to cover them with guaranteed income such as food, housing and transportation. For example, permanent sources of income after retirement may be social security, pensions, and investment assets. Add these up and you get a monthly income of $3,000.


How long $250,000 lasts after retirement depends on your situation retirement spending. As a result, your location, lifestyle, health and tax situation will determine how long you can receive the $250,000. When planning your retirement, it’s important to assess your situation.

Tips for Retiring with $250,000

  • Managing a nest egg with little room for error can be daunting. Living on $250,000 may mean tightening when the stock market falls, financial adviser We can give you tips on how to maximize your income during difficult times. Get guidance on investing in low-risk assets that perform well in any economy. SmartAsset free tools will match you with up to three vetted financial advisors who serve your area. You can meet with an advisor for free to determine which one is right for you. Ready to find an advisor to help you reach your financial goals? Get started now.
  • It can be difficult to understand how nest eggs affect your tax situation. However, the tax can be simplified by moving to the following system: tax friendly states Retired.

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