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How Reframing Rejection Heals Our Hearts

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Rejected. ignore. Throw it away. These experiences alienate us from life and rob us of peace in our relationships. I cut off my words. Action hits. They take life from us, but there is hope. When we hold onto God’s hand, His peace can reign in the midst of the battles raging in our hearts. It’s the kind of story about a little boy hanging onto a big boy’s hand as he rushes into the basement in the face of a tornado. The wind lifted the boy into the air, but he held his cousin’s hand and escaped to safety.

When rejection blows into our lives, it’s like we’re racing a tornado to safety. There is a nature. Our hearts rage with anger and bitterness. We spend a lot of time pondering conversations in our minds, looking up what we said and what the other person said. Our hearts should not turn their backs on us, entertain thoughts that show us that we deserve what we get because they are unlikable, and expect other kinds of results. I accuse you of not preventing this and demand that God do something.

God renews us when we say yes to our personal relationship with Him. It’s beautiful and wonderful, but at the same time it still retains old ways of thinking, habits, and default reactions to situations you encounter. Rejection takes a devastating blow, and in pain we reach for old ways of coping with heartache. This can further destroy your relationship with God, yourself and others. Transformation takes time and going through the muddy waters of sifting out old patterns from new thinking.

Into the Mad
Rejection is three weapons that hurt three areas of our lives. It is our relationship with others, our view of ourselves, and our understanding of God. In pain, we can roll in the mud and splash it on others or make something with it. and shape it into something beautiful, we can trust God to make good out of bad.

The Israelites made adobe bricks for the Egyptians for centuries. They knew years of slavery and felt abandoned by God. The place of their rescue during Joseph’s leadership in Egypt became the place of their rejection. Joseph was second only to Pharaoh, and God made a way to avoid famine by leading them to Egypt. But eventually the new Pharaoh forgot about Joseph and saw the Israelites as a threat, so he tried to enslave them. God did not abandon the Israelites and prepared a way for them to be free. Rejection makes us feel abandoned, but God promises never to abandon or abandon us. When we rely on God, we can rely on God to make a way for us as well.

reverse script
Our default reaction to rejection is to fixate on external events, direct negative thoughts at ourselves, and finally blame God. A new way to deal with neglect and rejection is to start with God is. Reframing rejection requires taking all our pain to him and throwing all our negative thoughts and feelings into his lap. come. He then helps us sift through our thoughts and feelings and redirects us to let go of what we need to let go. It’s a way to reach spiritual maturity.

of Psalm 62:8, the psalmist invites us to express our hearts to God. “O people, always trust in him. Pour out your heart before him. God is our refuge.” can pull apart. When our hearts break, we sometimes want to collect the pieces and put them in our pockets. But when we put all the shards at Jesus’ feet, he starts putting them back together. There are scars that testify to his tender sincerity.

These wounds will be filled with His grace. I broke the decorative plate and glued it with instant glue instead of throwing it away. When the larger pieces came together, the plate reverted to its circular shape. The small pieces were a bit unwieldy and cluttered, but this plate became a symbol of how God works in our lives. and his mercy reattaches the shards. In the experience of rejection our perception of ourselves can be shattered and our lack of forgiveness towards others can continue to hurt us. , receive the grace and mercy that keeps our identity in Christ intact.

Intern at the Feet of Jesus
When Pharaoh finally ordered the Israelites to go, they dressed for battle and left Egypt. They are finally free! Imagine the bravery they felt when they carried away the gold and silver of Egypt. Yet God knew them better than they knew themselves. He did not take them freely through the most direct route. They may have been dressed for battle, but they wore armor with weapons in their hands, but they didn’t have the mindset of a warrior. and was taken freely.

In our spiritual journey, we also face desert roads and impassable seas. In our battles, which are consistently fraught with ignorance and rejection, we can have all the gear we need to fight the battles like the Israelites, but the inner fortitude to face the battles I don’t have it with me. Interning at Jesus’ feet means that we step into the desert and trust Him wholeheartedly, including our pain of past neglect and our fear of future rejection. .

cross our red sea
Walking by faith begins with taking small steps toward God. As we resolve to let go of bitterness about past rejections, along with lies we have believed for too long about God and how we perceive ourselves, Our healing grows. Upending the script of default reactions to rejection is the first step we take. Rejection can enslave us again, or we can turn our attention to the freedom in front of us.

The Lord can use the experience of rejection to restore, redirect, and refine us. Sometimes he uses them to point our feet in different directions. Rejection can also reveal areas in our lives that need improvement. Our transformation involves renewing our minds by rejecting thought processes and attitudes that are inconsistent with God’s Word. Recovery comes when we surrender our broken hearts to him. He unites us again and infuses us with more of His mercy and grace.

The next time a rejection shatters your life, pause before responding. Take all the broken pieces to God, give your ugly feelings and thoughts to God, share your hurt and confusion with Him. He will meet you in turmoil and lead you to greater healing, trust and freedom in Him.

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Jessica Van Lokel She loves the upside-down life of following Jesus as she journeys from brokenness to perfection. Share the transformative power of God to renew.She desperately wants you to know that rejection need not define or determine your future when you leave it in God’s healing hands. Reframing Rejection Book.Com you can connect with her Instagram and Facebook.

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