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How to Make Ornaments (Even If You’re Hopelessly Uncrafty)

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DIY ornaments

In 2015, my partner and I took a leap. We moved to Berlin and moved in together. What meant her one-year trip for a research grant turned into a four-year stay. One winter we got a cute little tree, but didn’t want to buy a bunch of fragile ornaments that we wouldn’t be able to bring home when we finally returned to the US.

We invited our friends over and before they arrived, we cut a circle out of cardboard and attached a square for the hook on top. I collected old magazines, glue and tape. and opened the wine. (“BYO Scissors.”) It was a really fun evening.

DIY ornaments

The holidays can put a strange pressure on you to suddenly be good at all sorts of things: crafting, cooking, baking, chopping down trees in the forest. And while I’m drawn to beautifully done decorations, I’m actually pretty free to be bad at things. It’s fun to see my friend leaning over with scissors and an old workbook. national geographicwill gladly cut.

DIY ornaments

DIY ornaments

A polka dot candy cane made out of clay and paint markers. Plus a new look for the 1952 Frankfurter Queen.

Ornament making fits any energy level: make it alone with reality TV playing in the background, with friends after dinner on a weekday, or with bored kids on a Sunday afternoon. can also do. You can build with what you have on hand, or plan a big party with elaborate crafting materials.

Cardboard ornaments require a cardboard box to cut, strong scissors, hooks, glue or glue sticks, paint or markers, ribbons or hooks, and collage materials such as old magazines and newspapers.

For clay you will need: claya cookie cutter, something to punch holes in (I used chopsticks), a hook, a rolling pin, paint or acrylic markers, plus 24 hours between cutting and painting the ornaments.

I also tried these unfinished wood, I often take paint, markers and collage materials. It’s also great for marbling and a fun option for kids.just apply a lot of paint paper palette Or take a piece of waxed paper from the kitchen and fold it in half, unfold it, then add the ornaments, place the ornaments inside and fold it again.

DIY ornaments

DIY ornaments

Isn’t this the kind of thing grandparents would love to receive?

And at the end of the day, if you’re not in the mood to build something, here are 10 I’m absolutely drooling over. bauhaus | | straw | | palm | | Shiny Bright | | clay | | wood | | car | | flame | | Brass | | bees

To me, the perfect tree is white light and strands of popcorn (we have these funny fakes), and a mishmash of ornaments collected over time.

So, is anyone making ornaments this year? Do you have a proven method or favorite source for purchasing ornaments?

PS 10 Holiday Rituals and My Christmas Family Traditions.

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