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In Case You Missed It: January 2023 Recap of “The Tim Ferriss Show” (#655)

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welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferris ShowIt’s my job to deconstruct world-class performers to bring out the routines, habits, etc. that you can apply to your own life.

This is a special divider that serves as a summary of last month’s episodes. With short clips of each dialogue grouped together in one place, it’s easy to jump in and get a feel for the episodes and guests.

Please see it as a teaser. Something appetizing. Of course, if you liked what you heard, you can find the full episode below or at tim.blog/podcast.

Please enjoy!

Time stamp:

James Clear: 00:03:05

Rick Rubin: 00:08:08

Dr. Matthew Walker: 00:13:47

Bill Gurley: 00:31:05

Wade Davis: 00:36:36

Recorded episode

James Clear, Atomic Habits — Simple Strategies for Building (and Breaking) Habits, Questions for Personal Mastery and Growth, Tactics for Writing and Launching Mega Bestsellers, Finding Leverage, and More (#648)

Legendary Producer Rick Rubin — timeless ways to unleash creativity, secrets hidden in mundane sights, the future of AI, useful distractions, working with strong personalities, breaking away from the “sameness” and more (#649 )

Dr. Matthew Walker, All Things Sleep — How to improve your sleep, how sleep is linked to Alzheimer’s and weight gain, and drugs (Ambien, Trazodone, etc.), caffeine, THC/CBD, hallucinogens, exercise , smart drugs, fasting, and other effects on sleep (#650)

Legendary investor Bill Gurley shares investment rules, outlier spotting, insights from Jeff Bezos and Howard Marks, must-read books, creating true competitive advantage, open source strategy, and mental models for the new reality. (#651)

Renowned Explorer Wade Davis — How to Become the Architect of Your Life, Immortal Leaves of God, Rites of Passage, Unraveling Voodoo, Optimism as a Life Purpose, How to Become a Prolific Writer, Psychedelics, Monetize your life’s creativity, and more (#652)

listen to the episode at Apple podcasts, Spotify, overcast, podcast addict, pocket cast, cast box, google podcasts, amazon music, Or on your favorite podcast platform.

In case you missed it: January 2023 The Tim Ferriss Show Recap (#655)

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The Tim Ferris Show is one One of the world’s most popular podcasts with over 900 million downloads. He has been voted “Best of Apple Podcasts” three times and is often the number one interviewer on all his Apple Podcasts. is ranked number one.To listen to past episodes for free, check out this page.

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