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Incident On ‘BMF’ Picket Line Involving Writers & Line Producer Under Investigation – Deadline

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A day of picket work on the set of the Stars/Lionsgate series BMF The events in Atlanta have become dangerous for WGA writers Brian Egeston and Gabriel Alejandro Garza. In a series of tweets with photos on Thursday afternoon, Egeston claimed: BMF Line producer Ian Wolff said he drove the SUV and “pointed the car at Egeston as if it were a weapon and slammed the brakes within six feet of the lighter.”

Egeston’s account was corroborated by Attack Captain Garza, who said he was standing next to Egeston when the alleged incident occurred and described it as follows: long statement on twitter Thursday evening. Garza said he and Egeston were on a public sidewalk where traffic was not imminent when Wolfe allegedly stepped on the accelerator and then took a rest, but “he was looking directly at us the whole time and was driving the car.” He kept pointing at us,” he said.

Egeston also wrote: Pain’s house, perfect harmony and gameGarza (flash, winchester), they were protesting peacefully and Mr Wolff’s description of his actions “tried to scare us,” he said.

Garza claims they have recordings of Wolfe’s entrance, in which he reveals himself.

Television writer Tom Smuts, who is married to WGA West president Meredith Steem, said in a Twitter post early Friday morning that Wolfe was “using his SUV to drive Brian Eggeston and fellow WGA member Gabe Garza.” provided eyewitness testimony of the events that occurred after the threat. ”

Smuts acknowledged Egeston and Garza’s claims that they were repeatedly told by Wolfe that he was trying to scare them. [picketers] will go away. He also said he witnessed Wolf “desperately begging the local 728 teamsters to cross the picket line, but they refused.”

When Wolff couldn’t convince his teammates to cross the picket line, he tried to do it himself in the parking lot on Hank Aaron Drive. According to Smuts, Wolf was “opening the trailer, turning on the generator, and driving the vehicle to the set.”

Lionsgate has launched an investigation into the incident. It is not yet known whether Mr. Wolfe was paid during the investigation.

“We take threats and threats of violence very seriously and are investigating them thoroughly,” the company said in a statement to Deadline. “As the investigation continues, we have sent those involved home.”

A WGA spokesperson condemned the threats to Picketer and confirmed it was cooperating with those involved in the incident.

“Workers should not be threatened with physical harm when exercising their right to publicly protest or picket against unfair wages or working conditions. Anyone who harms or threatens to harm members or supporters of the guild should be held accountable for their actions,” the Guild statement said.

“The WGA is working closely with members at risk in this incident and is pursuing accountability for this individual,” they added.

Mr. Egeston, Mr. Garza Wolf and their representatives have a deadline looming.

Wolf has various social media accounts, including Twitter, IG, and FB, which were public until 8:30 p.m. Thursday, after which he went private. As rumors of the incident began to circulate, Wolfe’s social media accounts were filled with critical and sometimes offensive comments before being deactivated.

Meanwhile, the writers shared Egeston’s “open letter to the man who nearly killed me on the WGA picket line today,” demonstrating their determination and unity.

“In retrospect, think about the consequences of being the producer of an African-American TV show produced by an African-American man, and then murdering an African-American man on the streets of a hatefully busy city. It’s run by an African-American man,” Egeston said in the letter. BMF Produced by Randy Huggins and executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Wolf’s recent credits also include ABC’s Queens. Netflix’s first AD Bridgerton. FX unit production manager Mercedes and CBS’s criminal mindProducer for CBS/Paramount+ seal team.

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