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iOS 16.2 Should Fix a Flaw With the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always-On Display

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of iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max There are some fancy software changes like dynamic island System alert and highly expected Always displayThe latter feature isn’t exactly new. For years, Android devices have had always-on displays that show important information when the screen is off. What you see is a black screen with the time and date and possibly a notification icon. But the iPhone version has Apple’s own twist.

The 14 Pro’s always-on display shows the time and date (along with widgets) against a dark version of the wallpaper photo instead of a black screen. I’ve had my iPhone 14 Pro for nearly three months now, and it took me about half the time to get used to the always-on display as it seemed unlocked. Apple deserves credit for figuring out how to make an always-on display look almost like a regular lock screen, but there’s a problem. Some of us want a more discreet, less attention-grabbing always-on display.

Fortunately, iOS 16.2 is the answer.of iOS 16.2 BetaApple’s next iPhone software update, , added a control that allows you to turn off wallpaper when always-on display is active. In other words, you can make your iPhone’s always-on background solid black without changing your lock screen photo.

If you want to try it, please enter setting,Tap display and brightness and choose Always displayFrom there, you’ll see options to display wallpaper and notifications.To disable show wallpaper Get a constant display of black.

In our testing, using the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display didn’t reduce battery life.However Some have had the opposite experienceFor those who have experienced battery life issues, we hope that replacing the lock screen with a solid black background addresses these concerns. It turns out that the iPhone 14 series has a shorter battery life than the iPhone 13 series.

The iOS 16.2 update is currently in beta, and the final version will likely be available in December. Bloomberg’s Marc Garman NewsletterIf you want to try out the public beta, Read the iOS 16.2 beta guidewill walk you through the process.

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