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Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

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Fill your life with stories to tell, not things to show.

The Simple/Minimalism movement is a beautiful community. And I enjoy the opportunity to promote writing that encourages people to live more while owning less.

Relax with a cup of hot coffee, cocoa or tea. Find some quiet time this weekend. And enjoy some words of encouragement to make your life simpler today.

These 100-Year-Old Organization Rules Might Be What You Need to Finally Master a Minimalist Home | | living room etc. By Lilith Hudson. Sometimes just following some simple rules can give you the guidance you need. That’s why there are nifty little maxims like the 80/20 principle.

5 Important Life Lessons A Minimalist Lifestyle Taught Me | | no sidebar By Jessalyn Jones. My worth as a human being has nothing to do with what I own. In fact, having less possessions allowed me to grow and increase my personal worth.

How I Saved Thousands of Dollars on Kids Clothes | | thrifty forest By Elizabeth Willard Thames. “Our kids know their clothes are secondhand. I explained to them.”

Mindfulness for a healthy holiday | | Monanock Ledger – Transcript By Ruth Clark. The holidays offer a surprising array of factors that can send you spiraling into unwanted weight gain, moodiness, and fatigue. Luckily, there are many things you can do to control what happens during your vacation.

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10 things to ditch for the holidays | | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Unfortunately, being busy and “hurrying” rarely leads to a merry holiday. If you want to get more out of this holiday season, start by getting rid of these 10 things.

35 gifts your child will never forget | | YouTube by Joshua Becker. “When you give what you have, you give very little. What you really give is when you give yourself.” — Khalil Gibran

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