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‘I’ve never been monogamous before’

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 22: Chloe Cherry attends Bratz 21st Birthday Party hosted by Kurt Gaia and Stacy Karanikolaou at Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills, CA on October 22, 2022 (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images for Cult Gaia llc)

Chloe Cherry talks monogamy in a new podcast interview with Emily Ratajkowski. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images for Cult Gaia llc)

Chloe Cherry is change her tune About polygamy.

Appearing on Tuesday’s episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High and Low with EmRata, euphoria The 25-year-old star says she’s done with casual sex with men and has recently been open to entering into monogamous relationships.

“I’ve never been monogamous before, so I want to try.” Former AV actress clearly. “Isn’t it funny?”

Although she had been in porn for many years, she confirmed that she was done with that part of her career and told Ratajkowski that she wanted to appear in as many Hollywood films as possible. It’s not easy to get into the dating pool after.

“It’s the last thing I haven’t tried, a monogamous relationship,” she explained. It’s really crazy to get out of a sex work career because you’re used to casual sex and when you’re like me you’re afraid to get involved with people and your life gets really messed up .”

Cherry explained that in her late teens she was “obsessed with sex,” but now that she’s older, the idea of ​​being ghosted by a man after having casual sex with him scares her.

“It would drive my brain too crazy,” she said. [who] You may never speak to me again. ”

She admits her years in the porn industry may have left her craving monogamy and stability later in life, but she still looks back on those days with no regrets. I’m here.

“I’m so glad I made a lot of money at 18 instead of working my way up as a waitress,” she said. I was confident enough to do it instead of [male boss].”

Now dreaming of carving out a new path for herself as a successful actress, Cherry tells her story in her own words, hoping to inspire other women who dream of breaking into the porn industry. I want to talk

“I want to write a memoir about my porn career,” she told Ratajkowski. “I really want to share what it’s like. [in the industry]My big goal is to prevent future 18-year-old girls from becoming addicted to porn and having family and friends react the way I did. “

Cherry’s take on monogamous relationships is a new shift from recent months.

in an interview in April Bachelor Alum Nick Viall’s Podcast, biol fileCherry had opened up about her penchant for dating multiple people at the same time.

“Now I like to see a lot of different people [at the same time]’ she said. I think the best way for me to be a good partner is to have another partner. partner, other people in my life. Unless someone actually verbalizes that they want to be with me, I’m not going to. ”

She admitted that she doesn’t know exactly what she wants in a committed relationship, but “dating more than one person really helps me understand what I want and what I want from other people.” It was the best way to understand whether or not

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