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Final Fantasy 16 Producer Suggests PC Players Just ‘Buy A PS5’

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An image from Final Fantasy 16 where the lord is supposedly sitting in the lord's chair and doing lord things.

“Just buy a PS5? Huh, is it hard?”
screenshot: square Enix

final fantasy xviis the next installment in the long-running JRPG series and will be released on June 22nd as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.Its exclusivity is a bit disappointing as others Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy VII Remakewas also available on PC. and the final mainline entry, final fantasy xv, was multi-platform.Unfortunately, at least for now, the new Final Fantasy The game will remain on PlayStation 5 only, according to the game’s producers.

Producer Naoki Yoshida, commonly known as Yoshi-P. Interview at mahjong tournament where was he over the weekend final fantasy xvi something that will come to PC Square Enix confirmed when it published the game almost two years ago. However, according to a “rough translation” by the Japanese game news Twitter account Genki_JPN, Yoshi-P states that the release information is incorrect, despite details being provided in the footnote text at the bottom of the trailer. increase. In fact, Yoshi-P appears to be suggesting that people go out and buy a PS5, so it’s possible that a PC version won’t come out at all.

“Nobody said a word about releasing a PC version,” said Yoshi-P. “Why is the PC version released half a year later? Don’t worry about that and buy a PS5! I’m sorry, I went too far. I’ll do my best, so please look forward to it.”

It’s interesting that Yoshi P says there are no plans for a PC version.scrub the old final fantasy xvi trailer, “Awakening” in September 2020, etc.which clearly states that the game “will not be available on other platforms for a limited time after its release on PS5,” hinting that it could at least hit other consoles in the future. such was the case Final Fantasy VII Remake, the “limited time” window was about a year.However, all of the game’s recent marketing, from new trailers to its official website, has made no mention of it coming to PC. Consider other Final Fantasy Games are available on more platforms than just PlayStation When The fact that Sony’s latest console is still hard to findBut it shouldn’t come as a surprise given how deep the relationship between Square Enix and PlayStation is.at least an exclusive contract Take advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware so that it is not overloaded.

Kotaku We have reached out to Square Enix for clarification, but have not previously received a response. Publishing.

While firmly sticking to the PlayStation body, final fantasy xvi being Rated as mature for certain types of content Appears in the game. Specifically, according to the translation of the website of the Brazilian Ministry of Rio da Justiça, about hate crimes (yikes) and sex scenes (nice).

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