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Junkyard Gem: 1976 Honda Civic Hatchback

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first generation honda civic Introduced in the U.S. as a 1973 model, the first model Soichiro Honda’s The innovative subcompact continued to be sold here until 1979. low price, good fuel economy, Reliability and fun to driveBut rust had eaten away at most of them, and almost all the rest had worn away.i rarely Meet the first generation Civic in the meantime my junkyard trip In the last decade or so, and thus in the last 76 years, Denver’s Knuckeryard it’s real history jewelry.

I’ve driven at least one Civic every day from generation to generation, so I’ll admit that I’m biased towards the Civic, at least when it comes to cars built during Soichiro’s lifetime. fifth and loved them all.perhaps Mid to late 1970s Toyota Corolla It was a little more reliable than the original Civic, but it was just not fun to drive.

CVCC engine It first appeared as an optional Civic powerplant on the 1975 model year. His early CVCC engines did not require catalytic converters and therefore (more expensive at the time) unleaded petrol, as the stratified charge design allowed for a much cleaner operation compared to normal engines. This he rated at 60 horsepower and 76 lb-ft in a 1.5 liter, far better than the base non-CVCC 1.2 and its 50 horsepower. The ’76 hatchback flyweight he was 1,708 pounds (he’s over half a ton lighter than the current Civic), so 60 horsepower was pretty quick by the loose standards of the time.

The CVCC design used a secondary combustion chamber for a rich fuel mixture that was easy to ignite and connected to a large combustion chamber for a lean mixture.To make this work, the carburetor adopted a complex two-in-one design that worked very well in the early days of his CVCC, but eventually horribly complicated This is because the entire fuel delivery system has evolved to meet emission standards in 10 years. We should all appreciate modern electronic fuel injection.

This car was legal in California when new, but no non-CVCC cars were sold in the Golden State in 1976.

The ’76 Civic Hatchback is available with a base 4-speed manual transmission, an additional 5-speed manual, or an optional transmission. Two-speed, so to speak, automatic it was a hondamatic derived from motorcycle technology. This car has a manual.

This one seemed to be in decent condition When we got here there was no serious rust and the interior must have been good enough before junkyard vultures started tearing parts away.

The pin-striped two-tone paint must have looked sharp when the car was new.

The 1976 Civic CVCC hatchback had a MSRP of $3,189 (about $17,444 at $2023) and the base Civic 2-door sedan was $2,729 (currently $14,927). The cheapest possible new Toyota Corolla 2-door sedan was $2,789 in 1976 ($25,256 today), while the Datsun B210 2-door was $3,084 ($16,869 after inflation) and the Mitsubishi Dodge Colt 2-door was $3,175 ($11,367). For intrepid import buyers, fiat 128 2 door It is priced at $2,998 ($16,399) and the base Subaru 2-door is $2,899 ($15,857).

Lots of affordable car options during the period 200th anniversary of birth!detroit for you chevrolet vega Sport Coupe, $2,984 ($16,322), chebet scooter $2,899 ($15,857) or Ford Pinto MPG sedan $3,025 ($16,546).Kenosha offered the lowest price AMC Gremlins At $2,898 ($15,852), it was an expensive car for that amount. At least in terms of new cheap wheel options, period of boredom Beyond 2023.

43 highway miles per gallon.

Leave lead-free exclusive vehicles and non-CVCC driven diesel vehicles to us!

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