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Mantis, Gargoyle Revealed – Variety

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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Season 9, Episode 11 of “The Masked Singer” airing April 26 on Fox, don’t read ahead.

Lou Diamond Phillips has managed to do something no other “The Masked Singer” contestant has done. He shocked the show panel into silence. Phillips was the latest celebrity to unmask on the Fox series, revealed as a praying mantis on Wednesday Night’s Show.

Also unmasked in this episode: Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen, who is revealed to be a gargoyle.

It was the night of “Battle of the Saved” when Medusa, Gargoyle, and Mantis (the three contestants who were saved earlier this season) faced off to advance to the next round. With “Ding Dong Keep It On”, the panelists put a new twist on the competition where they got the chance to save the singer from the looming elimination. Bell led Medusa, Gargoyle in his first three rounds he could only ring three times. And Mantis will face off in this week’s battle, rejoining the competition.

Phillips said she had been approached several times in the past to appear in “Masked Diva,” but her schedule didn’t work out. This time he succeeded, but first he wanted to get a blessing from his teenage daughter. “My youngest daughter, Indigo, who is 15, is her favorite show. She joins FaceTime with her friends and watches them together.”

“So when the opportunity presented itself, I said, ‘Indigo, what do you think?’ Because there’s something about television — and “Indigo World” — that she loves. And then she had a moment where she was like, ‘Don’t mess with my show.’ She thought about it and finally gave me permission. And she got super excited about it, especially when she saw the costume. ”

In the case of Mantis, no one got it right. Panelist Robin Thicke thought it was Dennis Quaid. Nicole Scherzinger went with Steve Buscemi. Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg named Kevin Bacon. Ken Jeong chose Brendan Fraser.

“I had no illusions,” Phillips said. “I knew performing in that costume would be a challenge. It was really important to come up with

“And after the first dress rehearsal, you’re soaking wet, just soaking wet,” he said. “With the big faux leather jacket and the whole shoulder contraption that holds the head in place, it takes a lot of energy to move and perform that costume. Just stand in one place and sing.” It was a really steep learning curve to figure out how to go out and play.”

For the gargoyles, the panels also came off. Thicke got it wrong he chose Charger, Joey Bosa. Scherzinger said it was Marshawn Lynch. John went with Anthony Mackie. McCarthy Wahlberg named him Michael B. Jordan.

“King of Masked Singer” adopts the “King of Masked Singer” format, just like last season. Each episode features her three celebrities in costume, but only one wins and competes again the following week. After each round, the 3 finalists will compete in the semi-finals.

That means one contestant will be unmasked mid-episode and the top two singers will face off in a “battle royale.” After Phillips as Mantis was first unmasked, Gargoyles and Medusa faced off against Fall Out Boy’s “Century”. Gargoyle received less votes and was unmasked as Allen. Medusa advances.

Lou Diamond Phillips as Mantis, Keenan Allen as Gargoyle, Melissa Joan Hart as Lamp, Alicia Witt as Dandelion, Dee Snider as Puppet, Christine Quinn as Scorpio, Moose Holly Robinson Pete as Fairy, Alexa Bliss as Axolotl, Ponds as Jackalope as Lele, Malin Ackerman as Squirrel, Michael Bolton as Wolf, Grandmaster Flash as Polar Bear, Night Owl Debbie Gibson as Rock Lobster, Howie Mandel as Rock Lobster, Sarah Evans as Mustang, and Dick Van Dyke as Nome unmasked this season’s celebrities.

‘The Masked Singer’ enters Season 9 with ‘Mustang’, ‘Axolotl’, ‘California Roll’, ‘Dandelion’, ‘Moose’, ‘Gargoyle’, ‘Jackalope’, ‘Doll’, ‘Polar Bear’, Night Owl’, ‘Rock Lobster’, ‘Gnome’, ‘Macaw’, ‘Squirrel’, ‘Wolf’ and more. Tim Chappell is the costume designer for this season.

The Season 9 contestants “collectively earned 28 Emmy Award nominations, 6 Grammy Awards, 10 Gold Albums, 4 Golden Globe nominations, 5 medals, 26 books, 2 Tony Award nominations, Five Lifetime Achievement Awards, four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a combined 95,231,000 records sold.” In Season 9, “ABBA Night,” “New York Night,” and “DC Superheroes Night.” , ‘Sesame Street Night’, ’80s Night’, ‘Movie Night’ and more will be introduced with all-new themed episodes.

The contestants and Day 11 performances are as follows:

Medusa, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Pete Dodd

Medusa (winner)

song: “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes

Panel Guess: Lorde, Susan Boyle, Kesha

Tips: “Alias.” “Known here as Medusa, at home I go by my name. But to the world, I want something completely different.”

package narration: “I was devastated to hear we lost to the California rolls. They were so good, I knew I was going home. So when the bell rang, I couldn’t believe it. Especially me. It’s really empowering to be given another chance by a judge who I respect and look up to. It takes me back to the early days of my career when I had to constantly prove to people that I was worth the energy and energy, so every time I sing I feel like I’ve gone somewhere really different. Free from egos and insecurities, it’s all about music and emotions.I didn’t know how much I loved this mask until I almost lost it.I hope tonight’s performance will hold up a little longer. increase.”

Previous song: ‘Happier Than Ever’ by Billie Eilish. “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra

Conjecture of the previous panel: Elle Goulding, Megan Markle, Jessie J, Charli XCX, Dua Lipa, Lorde, Tove Law, Lorde, Apple Martin, Dakota Johnson. Lorde, Florence Welch, Shirley Manson, Susan Boyle, Kesha. And when she was about to be voted out, Ken Jeong chose Susan Boyle, Robin Thicke went with Kesha, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg said it was Halsey, Nicole Scherzinger guessed the load.

Nick Cannon and Gargoyles “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Pete Dodd

Gargoyle (Kenan Allen)

song: “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” Usher feat. Pitbull

Panel Guess: Deshaun Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, Anthony Mackie

Tips: “Pregame.” “Whether I’m listening to my own songs or listening to great songs, music always pulls me into the zone.”

package narration: “I thought I was depressed. I thought I was going home. Then they rang the bell and kept me alive. That they gave me another shot I was very nervous last time because it was my first time performing on stage like this.I am used to performing in front of thousands of people in large venues, but here I am wearing this mask and I wear four layers I feel like everyone is looking me in the eye It’s tough but I’ve been a loser more than anyone I know I deserve the national spotlight So I’m going to use it to my advantage, I have to use my inner killer to steal my performance. not.”

Previous song: ‘One Call Away’ by Charlie Puth

Conjecture of the previous panel: LA Chargers’ Antonio Gates, The Weeknd, Odell Beckham Jr.

Mantis, “The Masked Singer” (Michael Becker/Fox)
Pete Dodd


song: “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks

panel guess: Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, Thomas Lennon

Tips: “Movie Maverick.” “I won awards for my independent spirit. But the real payoff is getting more movie credits than Ken.”

package narration: “Oh my god, I’m shocked to be given a second chance. I never thought I’d make it out of the first episode. This is my daughter’s favorite show. I’ve been watching the show.” I know I’m not known as a singer so I thought I’d join in and try to hold myself and entertain. And Robin chose to help me.It’s like a Cinderella story!When you touch someone’s heart, the world changes forever.I’ve spent most of my career out of the box.I’ve been the lead role in many people. I was rarely the first pick, I always felt like I had to earn it, I had to work for it. And the beauty of it is that I love the job I love the craft I love doing this I developed him into this stage persona and He’s become this rock god.It’s absolutely amazing to win it all.No better saves.”

previous song: “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger

Conjecture of the previous panel: Dennis Quaid, Cole Hauser, Kevin Bacon, Bruce Springsteen. And when he was about to be voted out, Chong said it was Bruce Springsteen. I thought it was Reeves. McCarthy Wahlberg chose Kevin Bacon. Chic guessed Dennis Quaid.

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